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Series that should be revived, continued, left in the dust, or stopped immediately

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The title really says/asks it all - which franchises or series are worthy of being continued or revived, which should be left dead, and which should be abandoned/halted/put out of their misery?

Now, when it comes to series you would like to see brought back or revived, this isn't your chance to simply rattle of as many old series and franchises that you just so happen to like. Actually consider if a comeback is possible, required or a sensible move - would it actually turn out positive?

As for series that you want continued, this may include series and franchises that are either: a) still in production, or b) have been gone for a short while, but have not been confirmed to actually be dead or officially ended (like 'Monkey Island' in its current position, I guess).

Series that you think should be left in the dust are series that either turned horrible, or just were horrible, that should never ever see the light of day again. Edit: Or, of course, it can just mean a series that was good, is now gone, and should be left untouched and untarnished in order to preserve something good/great.

And series which you think should be halted or stopped are series that that are currently running, or have the potential of having further installments, which need to be put out of their misery before they can do any more harm to our world.
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  • Revive: Blade Runner.

    There's apparently a new movie coming out, so why not have another game? Unfortunately the game is likely to suck as it will be all shoot and bang and will have little actual story to it. But, I believe that it might be done in a Heavy Rain or Jurassic Park type of way. Blade Runner is very intellectual material and should be treated as such, if licensed to gaming.

    Revive: Adventure gaming.

    Stories being told through action/ action adventure, are getting old, we made that leap like 30 years ago now. And it's getting old, most human behaviors work in patterns and only distinguish their self through labeling. Why not return to the adventure gaming genre? Theory, is that now that video games are such a huge empire, people go off of what's expected of the industry, what's safe and no one wants to take a risk on adventure games. This is why I believe smaller companies starting on foot with adventure games are able to achieve success because they take risks and start off low on the business scale and don't have any major economic profits to make for their self.

    I think TTG does well for itself , because it took the risk and people expect that sort of thing from them and they typically give the games that their audience want to play, and also they are drawing in a new crowd from non adventure game franchises.

    Continue:Monkey Island

    You can do a lot with this franchise. The game sales are brilliant. People would pay to play 4 more games, just like they did in the 90s and in 200(2)(?)

    I don't see any reason why Monkey Island shouldn't be continued, unless Lucas arts some how weighed that they weren't getting enough money for the project they partnered in. Productivity on their part versus profit.

    Revive:Simon the Sorcerer

    The first two games were brilliant, especially the first. The graphics, the music and sound effects, the attention to detail, the story. It's said that games didn't take as long to make back in the day. But, the amount of detail and attention put into that game deserves to be remembered.

    The later 3D games, lacked the imagination and life of the first two games. The scenery was dull, the environments felt fake, and the music wasn't enchanted. The games simply lacked in brilliance where the first two games soared. I did enjoy Simon 3D, regardless of its many many many problems, and I also enjoyed the fourth game.

    But, the franchise could use a new treatment, in a fresh grasp of hands. Right now it's more so being milked , and only decent games are coming out of it, rather than master pieces as before. The stories are eccentric but lack the spirit of the first two games. The first game was the only real Simon game to get it right.

    The story has continued through the last two games, but I don't think that a partner ship is out of the question with Silver Style Entertainment. Another company that got its start with adventure gaming.

    Revive:Dragon's Lair

    How hasn't any one touched this yet? I see it on PS3 Network , and else where. But, how a remake hasn't been considered is beyond me. A remake would likely be much easier and maybe even in a slightly different format, but a game like this could benefit from modern technology and a company with vision to create a new engine that could be used for other titles in the future.

    Stop or revive: Broken Sword

    I love Broken Sword, truly I do. But the visual style from the first two gave it an entirely different feeling than the last two games gave us. The series just didn't hold up, it changed too much. I feel like it got too far way from the heart of it all. If they could remake it , that would be great. A remake isn't necessary, and the game is timeless but a remake might do as must justice as a remake to a Dragon's Lair remake might.

    If not a remake, I don't think the story is worth following at this point. The third and fourth games started to feel tired or worn. It was too camp, and everything was sort of expected , and the series didn't have much new life.

    From what I've played I've enjoyed both titles, but the original two games had me hooked, the first two titles are timeless classics. The second two titles , I lost interest and never finished the games.

    Revive: Final Fantasy

    All these sequels are stupid. They've lost their way with the franchise. It was never the greatest RPG. But, the characters and story lines and battle systems and settings , always held my attention. And , the music was always brilliant. Even the original titles managed to create another world, where you were absorbed into it. The game series has gotten more linear and is loosing that other world feeling to it. The characters don't feel as real, and are becoming flat. And these sequels feel heartless , and they are pointless when they are making 14 and 15, and games like 12, and 13 , while enjoyable aren't as developed and thought out as these quick money scheme sequels are.

    I remember that every Final Fantasy was drastically different, had something new, exciting , special about it. Even with the second game on the nes, it had features that while you played the first game, you'd never dream of. Then the third had the job system. The fourth had something..the fifth had a evolved job system, and other awesome features. The sixth game , had a lot of cool things going on, it developed a party system similar to the seventh game and expanding the universe. The seventh game expanded the universe. Then we got to the eight game, and from their the series began to loose heart in my opinion, it started to shrink, marginalize...

    By the time of the 13th game , we're just mixing things up a little and slicing off extra features, shrinking the world map down to pocket size....and whether it for artistic reasons , or technological reasons, or profit reasons over productivity, time investment....the series lost its true spirit and stopped expanding and has really began to condense.

    Continue: A Vamprye Story

    It had its problems, but over all it was one of the best adventure games in a long time, and it got lots of people interested in vesting time and money into adventure games once again, the consumer and the companies involved with adventure gaming.
  • Many could be revived, but I no longer trust Telltale to do any of them justice. :(
  • Vainamoinen;507909 said:
    Don't think twice - if you have the PC version, you have actually been in possession of the BG&E "HD version" for a very long time. :D
    Wait, so there weren't actually any graphical updates whatsoever?
    MusicallyInspired;507918 said:
    Many could be revived, but I no longer trust Telltale to do any of them justice. :(
    This thread isn't about Telltale.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Hayden;507919 said:
    Wait, so there weren't actually any graphical updates whatsoever?
    I haven't played the "HD version", but it really seems so. The game runs in HD now, and it looks like some of the icons had to be redone. Apart from that, no textures are new/redone, and the effects seem to be the same as well. Most work was invested into the new cover. :D
  • Revive:

    Jazz JackRabbit

    Fun! Fun! Fun!
    Simple platformer, but really fun! they should keep the 2D though. 3D platformers are...less charming.


    First game of my childhood. Big emotional strings here for me.
    I would love to see it in an HD version or maybe even continue the story (since it was originally planned as a trilogy).


    Monkey Island

    duh. :D

    Silent Hill Series

    Just a personal favorite, I don't mind if they reach Silent Hill 47 with this series. Right now they're making SH 8 so...I'm happy. ^-^

    Leave in the Dust

    The Prince of Persia Series.


    Every. Single. Freaking. War-Related Game.

    I am so so so SO sick and tired of the same boring shooters.
    Oh look, it's war, let's shoot!!

    Gah! Enough already! 90% of multiplayers involve war-related stories. Is the human race really that unimaginative nowadays?
  • Silverwolfpet;507923 said:

    Leave in the Dust

    The Prince of Persia Series.

    You mean stop. They're still making Prince of Persia.
  • The-J23;507925 said:
    You mean stop. They're still making Prince of Persia.
    I actually enjoyed 3D , despite it's really stupid ending. The later games went ninja matrix style , and I don't feel like that fits the first three games faithfully. I don't even really feel the connection in a abstract sense even though in a abstract sense a connection always exists.
  • Silverwolfpet;507923 said:
    Leave in the Dust

    The Prince of Persia Series.

    This series is in the Sand. Not in the dust.:D
  • Well, either way, they made too many of these :p
  • I know I am just not thinking of some right now but here are some I did think of



    Leisure Suit Larry (as an adventure game)

    Maniac Mansion / DoTT

    Indiana Jones (as an adventure game)

    Full Throttle

    Grim Fandango

    [highlight]CONTINUE! [/highlight]

    Monkey Island Tales and Special editions

    Mario games in 2D I.E New Super Mario

    Sam and Max

    ghost pirates of vooju island (I think there could be something here)

    The apparant demise of the horrible The Adventure game company

    [highlight]LEAVE IN THE DUST! [/highlight]
    All those hidden items games... I hate them, and I hate that they try and masquerade as adventure games... and I hate that some adventure game sites allow it to happen

    Quick Time Events

    Facebook games that pretend to be games.
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