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Go Back In Time and Beat Up Your Younger Self

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When I was 12 or so, a bunch of kids got caught smoking behind the school building. We got called into an assembly and the principal said, in these exact words, "Any of you who ever smoked in school raise your hand."

I raised my hand.

I have no idea why I did that. I have no reason to raise my hand. I never smoked in my entire life. I don't know who those kids who got caught are. And everyone is looking at me. Needless to say, I got called into the principals office, they asked me a bunch of questions, answers of which made me feel dumber. Ultimately, I did not get into trouble, but it was just personally embarrassing. So, screw you, 12 or so year old me. I wish I could beat you up right now.

You ever had a desire to do this? When you look back at yourself in the past, and realize what a horrible/dumb/embarrassing person you were before?
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  • I constantly feel this way about past actions, but then again I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if we all had a stream of past regrets and embarrassments. My treatment of some of my previous girlfiends and missing out on being an extra in Da Vinci Code because I was in a mood that day certainly fill those criteria.

    Mind you, it's these regrets and the shame that lead those of us who are wise to learn from our mistakes and become a better person. Although, I really can't see why you would fess up to something you were not guilty of Tredlow. Unless you were a glutton for self-punishment or a rebel without a cause?

    When all's said and done, I think my signature's quote from Tommy Saxondale sums it up nicely...
  • Oh, I keep remembering stupid things I did in the past all the time. I often think that if my current mind could travel back in time and re-live life all over again starting at fifth grade, I'd do everything so awesomely the second time around. Except I don't really want to re-live that part of life again. So I guess I just have to sigh and tell myself that my past mistakes are what made me who I am today, and try to stop thinking about them.
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