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Yeah. Playing for 2 days now. Pretty much hooked to it. For those who have no idea; 2D minecraft with a spice of RPG. Also seems to be less buggy.

Anyone else playing?

What IS Terraria? Watch TotalBiscuit's review, it's good!

TELLTALE SERVER ( / Hamachi ServerName: TelltaleServ / Password: deathfromabove): [highlight]OFFLINE[/highlight]

  • Falanca (Friend me on steam: PureOrangeness)
  • Gman5852 (Still haven't bought the game, still on the list because I'm simply desperate)
  • The-J23
  • ted12
  • zounds!
  • der_ketzer
  • RetroVortex
Current Situaysh: Apparently, I host the Telltale Server.

How to Join the Server?
  • (For first-timers) Install Hamachi Hamachi is used for connecting computers over any distance, and introduces it to your router as a simple LAN connection. This is required, since Hamachi gives everyone a distinct Static IP which is only usable for people in the same Hamachi network, and a Static IP is needed to host a server. isn't the most up-to-date version but for some reason or another, it produces the best results. Latest versions of this software goes by the name LogMeIn, and it doesn't work as great to be honest. So if you have a newer version installed, install this version and run this one.

    Download it here (1MB), install it on your machine, MAKE SURE YOU GIVE SPECIAL PERMISSION TO HAMACHI ON YOUR ANTIVIRUS/FIREWALL IF YOU HAVE THOSE, and also, reboot after installing.
  • Join the Telltale Network on Hamachi
    If you're a first timer, you need some instruction here. You have to join Telltale Server that's spesifically set on Hamachi. To do that, when you're ON (the Power sign at the left bottom corner should be green. If it's not, press it), press the "Create or Join Networks" button (the first button at the right bottom corner, the one with three dots and lines connecting them) and click on "Join an existing network". There, it'll ask you a server name and password. Type those;

    Server name: TelltaleServ
    Password: deathfromabove

    Then you're in the Telltale server. You can change your username in Hamachi settings (the second button at the right bottom of Hamachi Interface, and then Preferences...) so we can identify you better.

    After the first time you log into the server, whenever you run Hamachi it'll try to log you into the Telltale server again so you don't need to memorize the stuff or check it here everytime you want to play. You can also see other people that previously joined this server, who may be either online or offline.
  • Start the game
    When Hamachi is on and you're in the Telltale Server, start the stuff. Select Multiplayer from the menu, and select Join. Choose your character, then it'll ask you an IP address. Type this; (same with the IP address seen in front of my own screen name on Hamachi interface. If you want to host another world on your own, you can give people your own Hamachi IP address as well)

    If the server is claimed to be ONLINE up above, game will recognize the address and you'll start playing.

    I can't always have the server online, and we haven't set up a schedule for it yet; so it'll mostly stay offline for now.
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