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Green With Envy

posted by DrRocketGenius on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Watch this video. WATCH IT as many times as it takes to take it in. WATCH IT now before someone ruins it for you. Just WATCH IT.

Do not read the rest of the thread until you watch it.
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  • Sausy Gibbon;508392 said:
    Hopefully Paul Williams will compose the music or writes a song for it.
    The music is being written primarily by Bret McKenzie, who is a pretty funny guy so it should be pretty interesting
  • Bret McKenzie's great! But Paul should at least have one song in there, I'd say he's still interested seeing he did A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa.
  • Scnew;507063 said:
    Sure would be nice if the top rated comment didn't spoil the surprise...
    Yah, I as I pressed play so kinda ruined the surprise... but the teaser was still cool!
    Molokov;507158 said:
    It didn't air before PotC:OST here in Australia. We got X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern trailers.
    Cool! Seeing Pirates next week, and want to see those two trailers...
    Ribs;507295 said:
    *drink spitting out gif goes here*
    Watch The Muppet Movie now. One of my favorite movies. Period.

    'Free drinks on the House!'
    I quite like the fork in the road...
  • As I saw the trailer I was like, "Oh great, not another stupid.." but then a big grin came on my face when I saw Kermit. Man. Its been so long since there was a muppet movie. This is going to be great. :D
  • Jason Segel and Amy Adams bug me.... so I am sad :( <--- see?
  • RingmasterJ5;508472 said:
  • Is kermit sad that he's being overshadowed?
  • Leplaya;508486 said:
    Is kermit sad that he's being overshadowed?
    Very unlikely.

    Kermit's character was always pretty humble. He sees an ad opening for frogs wanting to be rich and famous, and comments that he's actually quite happy where he is in a swamp. The main consideration he has, then, is that he could make millions of people happy(even though he'd "really miss this swamp, but..."). If he was sad, blame Disney for messing with his characterization. ;)
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