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No Tracking Number

posted by Hyperkinetic_Martian on - last edited - Viewed by 346 users
I recently made three separate purchases in the store and got shipping confirmation for each not long after, but none of them included a tracking number or tracking link, even though I ordered in the US. I used the site but it said none of my orders were found. A double dose of glitches or...something else? Is there a way to get a tracking number at this point and should I be concerned that my orders weren't found in the findmyorder site database?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  • Shoot off an email to [email][/email] and someone will get to you right away.
  • The tracking numbers are broken in shipping confirmation emails right now, which is something we're actually right in the middle of trying to get fixed (along with improving the general quality of the emails themselves). Like Scott said, email support and we can look them up for you.
  • I sent an email to support and got the tracking numbers. Thanks for the help guys. :D
  • I know this thread's a bit old and no longer necessary, but I just wanted to express the joy thats tingling inside me now as I admire the signed poster on my wall, listen to the jazzy Season 1 soundtrack, and plan a night in which I will do nothing but listen to the audio commentary on the Season 1 DVD.

    In other words, as of today, I've recieved all my items in the mail. Thanks again for the awesome service guys (and Emily) :D
  • Great! I'm glad you got them safely, and especially glad you're so happy with them. :D
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