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Most people have probably already heard this on the news, but for those who haven't Winterbourne View is a care home for the treatments of patients with learning difficulties in Bristol, England. Recently a reporter from BBC's Panorama went undercover after hearing allegations of abuse which went unchecked by CQC (Care Quality Commision - responsible for investigating reports of abuse).

What he uncovered actually has to be one of the most shocking things I've ever watched - I mean, almost everything on the news is shocking, but not in a long time have I felt as appalled as I did when watching this footage. The carers responsible for looking after these vulnerable adults were hitting, bullying and taunting their patients - they poured cold water over them and then left them to shiver outside in temperatures barely above freezing. And most amazingly of all, when one carer tried to contact the authorities, no action was taken it was simply ignored.

It makes you wonder just how far-spread this problem is. I know there are so many carers out there who are wonderful at their job and do everything for their patients - I just can't believe that this sort of thing is happening in places where the most vulnerable people in society go for help. And the fact that nothing was done just astounds me.

How does everyone else feel about this news? How did you react when you heard about this? Has anyone experienced anything like this before, either first-hand or through a relative/friend? I know it's not the same at all, but I know that when my friend's grandmother died a lot of her valuable possessions (heirlooms, jewellery, etc.) was stolen by her carers. Unfortunately this couldn't be proved so whoever did it just got away with it. But it shows that there are carers out there that are abusing their positions.

I just can't get over how horrific the whole thing is - but even more worrying is how this could be happening in other places. The only silver lining to this whole disgusting thing is that hopefully investigations will take place which will help stop this sort of thing from happening again.

Further information:

Panorama Footage - *Warning, some VERY distressing scenes*

BBC Article -


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    I watched it on Panorama last night. It was shocking, I wanted to reach into the TV and punch the crap out of those assholes. I'm glad their getting what they deserve.

    I'd imagine this kind of abuse goes on at many places but I would also imagine (and hope) that the vast majority of care homes treat their patients with care and respect.
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    It's unfortunate that this goes on as often as it does. However, I am inclined to believe Davies. These situations, while unfortunate, take up the news and therefore seem to happen more often than they do. The reality is that most homes are much better than this.

    I hope.
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