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Problem - Pictures At An Execution

posted by mulberry on - last edited - Viewed by 279 users
I have just started to play this game and have gained a warrant to search the art studio but can not get into the art studio only the original art studio location is available so i am totally stuck now. Can go no further with game. please help
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  • It helps to know what evidence you have and such up to this point so i can maybe try and help you
  • I've got all the stuff from the gallery including the safe contents, the murder weapon, everything i think from the hotel room. I have warrants issued for all three suspects but the game just seems to not have register that brass has given me the warrant for the artist and i can't get into the studio.

    when he gave me the warrant for the gallery owner it then gave me a new location of the gallery office but it has not done this for the artists studio and i just get warrick asking me if i want a hint
  • you could try they will have a guide you can use but have you got the squiral hair and matched it and also the blue painting onyl problem is i dnt remember excatly what to do i am just restarting that case myself

    sorry hope the site helps thought
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