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New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-game by Hothead Games

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Hothead just announced a new game based on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They set up a small teaser site (is that the voice of the original Arthur Dent, Simon Jones?): Not much is known about the title just yet, but with E3 so close it wouldn't surprise me if more information is coming very soon.

On the one hand I'm very happy that there's a new Hitchhikers game, but I'm not sure if Hothead is the right company for it. What a Hitchhikers game needs, above all, is extremely good writing. I'm not sure if Hothead has writers that can come near Douglas Adams's level. Their games are pretty fun, but the writing (I guess I can only look at Deathspank, because every word of the Penny Arcade games was written by Jerry Holkins) is, in my opinion, pretty bad. And even if you enjoy Deathspank's humor, it's nothing like the kind of comedy you'll find in the Hitchhiker radio plays/books.

Anyway, maybe I'm being too pessimistic. I'm happy that this game is coming out at all, so let's stay positive for now.

Oh, and if someone from Telltale is reading this: get the Discworld license before Hothead gets their hands on it. Terry is still alive, and there are more movies and a television series coming soon, so get it before the rest of the videogame world realises what a perfect franchise it is.
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  • The movie was a mishmash of gags which actually originate from the same way of thinking Douglas Adams himself had used for his books, but offers just a hint of what Douglas Adams ultimately came up with. The movie does not take itself seriously, which is a REAL problem since the humor seen in book series kind of sprouts from the idea of seriousness; in the indetermined improbable infinite universe anything may actually happen and anything that actually happens is serious business, so nothing is silly and alas, nothing should be taken too seriously either. This kind of laidback attitude and the general atmosphere is seen nowhere in the movie except the narrations and so forth.

    If you get beyond that, movie does offer you some good laughs, though.
  • More like below, and only if you think lightsabers toasting bread is funny.
  • Rather Dashing;508630 said:
    More like below, and only if you think lightsabers toasting bread is funny.
    Why? My people thinks it's funny. We even used it in OUR own space parody.

  • Rather Dashing;508630 said:
    only if you think lightsabers toasting bread is funny.
    That is funny. What is wrong with you?
  • LuigiHann;508891 said:
    That is funny. What is wrong with you?
    Yeah, see, it's funny, but it makes no sense. Why would you have a lightsaber toast knife if you already have a machine that instantly materializes any food you're craving?! I read somewhere that even the writers thought the same when they wrote it!

    Then again, it's Hitchhiker's, so, what does logic even mean?
  • This is fantastic news! Can't wait to hear more about it. I just saw that a new Deathspank is coming soon too (soon as in now to be exact). This years E3 is really exciting.
  • According to the new issue of SFX, "The New Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" launches on 11th August and promotes Simon Jones to the roll of the Book. But, as at least one website has pointed out, it's not actually clear WHETHER THIS IS EVEN A GAME! The website and facebook pages tell you nothing, and although I diligently entered my email for updates, I've had nothing.

    Does anybody know anything more? Dammit, even a bit of informed speculation would be good.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Falanca;508631 said:
    Why? My people thinks it's funny. We even used it in OUR own space parody.

    OUR space parody hasn't got lightsabers... but it does have about everything else:
  • I've watched the TV series, the movie and read the first 3 books of the Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide. I've also listened to the unabridged audiobooks of said books as read by Adams himself.

    To be honest, I liked the movie. Sure, it had its faults (like the mud scene) which I do take issue with, but I thought the spirit of the books was still there. So the same for Lord of the Rings. My wife is a purist with LOTR and, despite it being one of her favorite movie series, loves to nitpick at the problems it has (such as Faramir's character being ruined) but I still enjoyed it. We do, however, make a point to only ever watch the LOTR Extended Edition or the Fan Edit by Kerr.
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