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Crash at Sybil's

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First play-through today (via GameTap). No problems, until I tried to hand the application to Sybil by dragging it from the inventory to her (didn't think to just talk to her...)

Went to a black screen for a while, then exited to GameTap. Loading the auto-save results in the same black screen. (No sound, no drive activity.)

And of course, I didn't save the game at all manually, beause I hadn't intended to play for more than a few minutes. :p

Anyway, is it possible to get at the save files from the GameTap client [before I try and start a new game and write over it]? (I'm guessing no...)

Guess the moral of the story is save. Often.
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    You can redownload the Sam and Max files without overriding your save files like this -

    Go to My Gametap
    Go to Account Settings
    Go to Local Storage
    Go to Advanced Storage Options
    Scroll down to Sam and Max and click the Remove button (trust me B-) )
    Make sure "Delete cached game" is checked and that "Delete local data files" is UNCHECKED
    Click OK

    Now when you go back to the Sam and Max infocard in Gametap, you will have to redownload the game, but your saved games and options will be intact.
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    Thanks, I followed your steps and re-downloaded the game, but it looks like my save file was just corrupt; it refused to load the auto-save. Didn't take too long to get back to my place though, so no biggie.
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