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Console and Game Collections (Pictures)

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Inspired by something said in the E3 thread. Still hanging onto your consoles? What kind of a collection do you have? Post pics!

My old consoles:
(PSX, NES, Genesis, SNES, N64, Saturn, GameCube (w/GBPlayer), and Color Computer 3)

My newer consoles, hooked up to my LCD TV:

Where I keep my games:
I'm missing Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Twilight Princess from this pic because my brother borrowed them.

I also can't go without showing off my Zelda collection. Only game missing is Spirit Tracks. I hope soon to add it and Skyward Sword to the collection in the near future:
Minish Cap is also missing from this picture because I had lost it but I've since reacquired it. Oh yeah, and Link's Crossbow Training...but....meh.
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  • Well, I'm sure you've seen my consoles, but I'll post some pictures of the stuff not on the main shelf, including my console boxes, when I get home.
  • image

    Here they are, the whole lot of them!
  • I hope you'll forgive me, MusicallyInspired, but I repurposed the thread into a more general video game collections thread, rather than just consoles.

    Well, here goes nothing. Fair warning, the full versions are pretty decent sized.

    First off, here's a look at where I keep most of my boxes.


    Now, let's start showing it off properly. I'll start with my console boxes.

    image image image image

    Then we've got Wii controllers. I forgot to get one of my Japanese black Wii Remote box.

    image image image image

    Now a few assorted boxes.

    image image image image

    And my portables.

    image image

    Now for the good stuff. To start, here's my console collection in its current state (aside from the posters I moved from in front of it).


    And closer images of those top two shelves on the right side, featuring many Official Nintendo Player's Guides (including the original 80s NES one) and last year's Club Nintendo platinum award. Unfortunately, I won't have enough coins for this year, so it's another calendar for me.

    image image

    My Wii, GameCube, and Genesis games. The slipcover for Metroid Prime Trilogy is on a blank case containing Wii Sports and its envelope, and the duplicate Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition was the victim of a stolen disc and now contains Link's Crossbow Training.

    image image image image

    My two drawers full of game stuff and the ottoman at the foot of my bed.

    image image image

    My portable systems and some of the crazier accessories that go with them. The dark purple Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance are my sister's, as well as the blue GBA SP.

    You'll notice that I have an original DS box and a DS Lite. I cracked my original DS's top screen a while back, and when I sent it for repairs, they didn't have the parts for it, so they sent me back a DS Lite. The wrist strap on my Lite and the box are all I have left of my original DS. I'd like to get one to replace it someday.

    image image

    And lastly, my DS games.


    And that's just the stuff I photographed.

    Edit: In the spirit of Paper Mario 3DS being shown at E3, here's one of my old convention costumes.

  • W-w-where's HeartGold?
  • I don't have it yet. I'll get it eventually.

    By the way, that DS game on the very bottom, on the left, is Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten, a DS kanji dictionary I imported from Japan when I took Japanese. It's awesome and would've been a sound investment if I hadn't taken Japanese at the same time as a programming class, failed Japanese, and never had the chance to take it again, but oh well.
  • I would show off my entire game collection, but it would take all day.

    Plus I don't have a nice camera handy... :(

    EDIT: Seriously, I have a collecting problem.

    I have a habbit of buying and keeping games now. Especially retro ones.
    One day I bought a Snes, then I just kept adding and adding to it.
    (Until I was satisfied, which I only just barely am! (I REALLY WANT MEGAMAN X!!))
  • I have a really bad habit of selling gmaes off after not playing them for months, so my collection is mainly just around 35 current gen games and all my old N64 and Saturn games that I refuse to throw away. Virtua Fighter 2 :D.
  • Nice Mortal Kombat Kollection. ;) I have MK2 for the SNES and MK9 for the PS3 and that's about it. I'd like to get all of them, though. I also have Ultimate Mortal Kombat for the DS which has UMK3 and Puzzle Kombat.
  • You don't want to see all the games I have. I tried counting once, and gave up at around 500.

    For example... here's most of the Gamecube/Wii games that I own. (There's multiple games in each box, BTW. Also, they all have custom covers, because of my OCD. You can see the new style mixed in with the old one - the newer ones have plain text on the spines, the older ones have 'logos')


    There's about the same number of PS2 games, and then there's my PC collection... woof.
  • This house hold has all of you beat, but I can't go around my house taking photos of all this stuff, and some of it has been given to my brother and I can't go about his room taking things out to photograph.

    But, everything I've seen so far doesn't hold a candle to the amount of video game stuff we have.
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