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Kings Quest 1-8

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Some of you may not have played any or all of the games. So before you hunt down old copies on ebay or something that you may have a hard time getting to work on a newer system I would like to suggest this alternative... offers all 8 original games for about $30 and they broke them into three parts....

Kings Quest 1-3 $9.99

Kings Quest 4-6 $9.99

Kings Quest 7 and 8 $9.99

as a second alternative you could buy a physical copy of the Kings Quest collection... This has only games 1-7... but in my opinion 8 is NOT really part of the series anyway its more like a spinoff action game set in the same world as KQ.... I mean even the character is not part of the royal family.
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  • I don't mean it is actual 'pirating' (I know they aren't 'illegal'), I mean people shouldn't just play the remakes because they are 'free', while refusing to buy the originals (because they cost money). They don't replace the originals, and people should definitely still go out and buy the originals.

    I've come across a few people who have asked why they should buy the originals, if the fan remakes were free. I've seen some who advised others to just play the free remakes, and avoid paying for the originals. I see this mentality as akin to 'pirating' (though its technically legal). Its an individual to individual circumstance.

    'akin' doesn't mean, the 'same thing'.
  • I'm just saying it's misleading. It's not just 'akin' to it, it's nothing like it. Saying it's like piracy is saying people should feel guilty for cheating the copyright owners out of money they deserve. But it's no where near that since they approved and sanctioned it. People get very antsy around the word "piracy." I'm just saying it was the wrong choice of words. I know why you said it, but it's more likely that people will avoid the remakes than play both of them, and that's not exactly fair. Piracy means there's something legally wrong with it. It's not "technically legal" it is legal in every way.

    As far as it being "not right" to avoid the originals because you have the remakes, I agree. But that's something completely different.
  • I thought there were only 7, with another game which should not be named. Well, at least not as a numbered game......
  • LeChuck1986;508554 said:
    I thought there were only 7, with another game which should not be named. Well, at least not as a numbered game......
    It's actually not a numbered game, which makes the whole thing even weirder.
  • Actually it wasn't numbered in Germany except on a third-party budget rerelease.

    It was numbered in interviews with Roberta (she called it KQ8, and to this day its called KQ8 on Ken Williams website), in the KQ Collections, Sierra's magazine, and some of the material in the Activision/GoG collection (look at the desktop background/magazine advertisements) in the extras. Also my original release copy of KQ8 box had a sticker over the shrink wrap that called it King's Quest 8, and that's in the USA.

    Pay attention though, it's not the first series to have unnumbered title in the title screens/game! Check out Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness. Only called QFG4 in side material. police Quest: Open Season, Police Quest: SWAT, Police Quest: SWAT 2. Only called Police Quest, 4, 5, and 6 in side material or in the file directories.

    The Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow, EcoQueat and Dr. Brain series were only given numbered titles in side material (other than GK3 was the first to have a number in the title). EcoQuest 2 even dropped thr EcoQuest title except in side material! It was known as the Lost Secret of the Rain Forest.

    Of course there were the games that originally didn't have numbers, but numbers were added in the remakes! 1 was added to KQ1, and Leisure Suit Larry 1 for example
  • There is an official foreign language box art that has a big golden number 8 on it. I've seen it. And it used the original artwork. But now every time I try to look for it I can never find it...
  • Is this the one you meant? image I found it on the German Amazon. You'll have to click on the picture to enlarge it.
  • Ah. The 8 is smaller than I remember. Nevertheless, that's not what I remember. It just so happens to be up on MobyGames, though:,5358/

    That doesn't look very third-party to me.
  • The Back to Games grey box is definitely the 3rd party box, as far as I know.

    The second box looks like a close up of the artwork from the Back to Games box, but with extra elements. It does look closer to the official release. It would seem so (here is the box with all the pack-in material);

    As I understand it (from someone from Germany), there was also the first edition box, that looks just like the American release, but in German. That one apparently didn't have the 8 on the box.

    Here is the title screen!

    This is a picture of the English box that has the KQ8 sticker I think.

    I GOG extras magazine advertisements/desktop backgrounds have the game listed as "King's Quest VIII" (rather than '8').
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