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If life's like a video game...

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If you wish your life was like a video game, which genre of game would you like? Me? I would pick RPG because I really like to fight with swords and magic spells; and I love mythical creatures, and exploring different worlds.
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  • Board games, like monopoly. You never know what you'll land on, but at least it wont be death.
  • vyperspit;512643 said:
    True; but the good part is you get to fight them.
    But wait if you fight them your gonna be more concerned with war then nature. And the world would pretty much be the same but with cool monsters.
  • An adventure game! And preferably one in which you cannot die. You can carry the same bucket that you can hide in, as well as many other items which are combine-able in different ways. Nothing that you say or do can harm you, and you can often use a map for swift travel.
    And in instances where you can die, you just begin your life again or are revived one moment before the horrible mistake.
  • DrRocketGenius;512607 said:
    Genre? I don't know. Specific game? Portal.
    Yes, because it's awesome to be locked in an empty facility while an insane computer tries to murder you, and finally escape only to realize that there is an interdimensional invasion going on, and there are very few surfaces that are made by moon rocks that are good portal conductors outside the facility.

    Genre, I don't know. The most interesting worlds are found in specific games.
    Specific game; Psychonauts. I'd be a psychic, and every person is a different world.
  • I'd like to be in an Adventure Game, Why? Because I can get away with a lot of things with no one noticing like talking out loud and picking up random things. Also being able to put any amount of stuff of any size in my pockets and to always pull out the right thing is also awesome.
  • No series has made me want to jump into the screen and be part of its world quite like Monkey Island.
  • Irishmile;514069 said:
    No series has made me want to jump into the screen and be part of its world quite like Monkey Island.
    I thought about this. Then I thought about what happens to supporting cast and other characters ancillary to Guybrush himself. Such things include being trapped on Monkey Island after Guybrush sinks your ship, eaten by a giant manatee (twice), dropped via rollercoaster into a pit of lava and/or turned into an undead skeleton, drowned in quicksand, eaten by a snake...
  • In theory you are probably correct... but... Guybrush surely would not do anything horrible to little old me..... would he? image
  • Garrys Mod. I win.
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