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Iphone Version of Puzzle Agent 2

posted by Quikmerc on - last edited - Viewed by 441 users

I was wondering if the PC version of Puzzle Agent 2 comes with a download code for the iPhone version. I would like both, but I dont want to pay for it twice.

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  • Or you could just do the IPhone. If you wait it will be cheaper. And you can do it on the go.
  • I don't think Apple lets companies throw in a free iPhone version of a game when purchased elsewhere. They don't want to lose out on their royalty, after all. So, if you want an iPhone version, you're better off waiting and paying for that when it comes out.
  • The best you can get in this respect probably is a humble bundle package (DRM free, crossplatform and keys for various platforms). But even they don't offer a free version on the iTunes Store or the AppStore if you've bought a game elsewhere as it's not part of Apple's business strategy, at least yet. I doubt this will change in the near future. Actually you can't even delete Lite versions in the App Store, oh well.
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