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CSI: Hard Evidence demo released

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Get it here!

This demo is a portion of the first case. It's for the PC, but the cases are the same in all three versions, so it should give you a good sense of the game no matter which platform you're considering.
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  • Its very easy to play this game.It does bring a smile on my face.:):):(:o:confused::mad::p;):D:rolleyes::cool::eek:
  • Glad to hear it! Also of note, if you want more of a challenge, there are a few gameplay settings you can fiddle with in the game's options menu.
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    Ok, played the demo....
    Review from my Evil Twin said:

    Game Interface: awkward (Zoom and rotate controls), PDA is distracting. Moving around can be difficult.
    And what was with the blinking exclamation signs? It reminded me of old times, when the web was young and the blinking text was rampant - not a good thing.

    Story: the piece of story that you can play is acceptable. Since you can't play the whole thing, you end with too many loose strings. Unfortunately I'm not particularly interested in seeing how it evolves and finishes.

    Character graphics: still look a tad 2005ish on highest settings (unless the demo is restricted to a lower quality than retail).
    Background graphics: Overall look is OK, a few locations stand more than others
    Object graphics: Could be improved, still most items seem made out of plastic (excluding those made out of plastic)

    Acting: Mixed bag again, the main cast does his job, but the woman doing Sara.... to be forgotten. Secondary characters were below par, I don't know if its the actor to blame, the script/character design or the voice director.

    Character Design: Cleavage sure wins a few points, but adding them to every female character...The Golf Windmill guy, creative but annoying. The two girls: One screams guilt, the other is just bland (The doughnut cop, no comments - only a tutorial)

    Music: Very good
    Videos: Good but missed the intro from CSI

    Miscellaneous: Did you guys get paid by product placement?

    Closing: I'll pass. Maybe CSI 5 will be the one I'll get

    Although I agree with most of the review made by my evil twin, you guys improved the game a lot from the CSI3 game (Played the demo). Thats commendable.
    I like the franchise and the genre but I'll pass.
    If Ubi were not the publisher I'll probably buy the game, but I'm not giving them a single cent.
  • You know, I plan on buying the CSI games.
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