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The Puzzle Agent 2 comic contest entries

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(I hope this is okay!)
Greetings, fellows! Later today we are going to know who won Telltale's Puzzle Agent 2 comic contest. Since sending any more entries is impossible now, everyone can post them here. You can even make new ones just for fun! This way, we will not be limited to seeing only the five winning stories.
Here are the rules of the contest (you can ignore the ones about the location of the editor and the limits on this thread, of course!) and, more importantly, the images. You are supposed to make a short story with all of the images included, (In reference only. No need to post the pictures themselves,) and without any particular order.

So, here is my entry, on Google Docs for your convenience. I suggest you to store it on another page too, because it can get quite long.

And please, do not post silly things that make no sense. Be creative!
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  • Great idea! Than later we can have bets on who the winners might be, if they don't annouce it soon. (Or not...) Though I'm sure this is find to make, hell, it might even get a blog-mention!
  • We've just announced our winners on the blog! Thanks to all who entered!
  • Yay, I won something (under my real name, not under this internet alias). No prizes for guessing which one I am..... well, not unless you want the free copy of Puzzle Agent 1 I got for pre-ordering Episode 2. But surely you have that already?
  • Aww, and I really thought I had a shot on this one, but seems not.

    by the way Sarendor, Although i think your writing should have been tighter, I did basically like the idea of it.

    Heres my entry then:

    Nelson and woman:

    Woman: "Its about my husband. Hes been playing so much Whack to the
    Culture and Alice & Gourmet that he have changed into a Gnome."

    Nelson: "Really?"

    Woman: "Yes. And not only that. For he have also.."

    Hidden Person:

    Gnome: "Do I really?"

    Nelson and Man:

    Nelson: "So as you surely can see I was pretty puzzled about the whole
    thing. I mean, I do have played my share of Sellsale Fames Games. Even the
    latest ones like Weaklads Warm Game for Ugly Eagle, Drone and Cam & Fax,
    but never had anything like that happen to me from those."

    Man: "Yeah. I remember that Donkey Iceland serie.. Dechops Leverage and
    the rest... By the way, did you ever figure out what that Secret of Donkey
    Iceland actually was?"

    Nelson: "Oh that.. Yeah. It did took me a while to figure it out but it wa..
    ..Well, I think I better tell that some other time and continue with the


    Narrative Nelson: "So I went on to check the last known location where the
    man had been seen as a gnome and followed the tracks from there until.."


    Nelson: "AAAAAH!!!

    He really is playing Pirated version of Muscle a Gent 2 - two weeks in

    Nelson thought bubble: "Oh my. Im not sure if I have nerves enough to tell
    her the truth. Had He been secretly playing Georgemovie games as thought,
    that she could have handled.
    But pirate copy without weap mood. Thats bit too much... I better just
    tell Her I couldnt find Him and preorder myself a legal copy of Muscle a
    Gent 2 to balance it even..."

    another nelson thought bubble: "And that guy reading my thoughts should do
    the same."
  • Nelson and Man:

    Tethers: “Of course it’s just a coincidence that I decided to take a vacation to the snowy, gnome-infested town of Scoggins, Minnesota, sir. Yes, I remember that a chainsaw-wielding waitress tried to drown me there, sir.”

    Man: “Mmm… What’s an eleven-letter word for box, Tethers?”

    Tethers: “Portmanteau, sir.” (according to

    Man: “Ha! Thanks a million, Tethers. Take as long of a vacation as you want.”


    “It only took two visits, but I’m finally entering my hotel room! This is the same key from last time…I guess Scoggins isn’t a hot vacation spot this time of year. …Or any time of year. Now to check out the view from my window…”

    Hidden Person:

    Bjorn, suddenly appearing in Nelson’s hotel room: “You see them, don’t you?”

    Tethers: “Yeah, this place is absolutely packed with trees! Wait, is that a—”
    [Falls out of window]

    Tethers: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!1”

    Bjorn [from above]: “Ha ha, my creepy gnome statues get them every time. Also, hat’s still stupid.”


    “Okay, I have to investigate the gnomes if I want to rescue Isaac Davner. You can do this Nelson! …Maybe the creepy man was right about the hat.”

    Nelson and Woman:

    “Excuse me Miss, but do you know anything about maniacal gnom—why, what a magnificently puzzling carpet. Care to join me for dinner at the Moose Ear Diner?”

    To be continued…
  • Nelson and Man
    Man: Nice office you've got here but um, why is there a bunch of used gum arranged on the carpet?
    Nelson: ... Acquired taste. Yeah. I have to.. leave for a case now. You can let yourself out, right?
    Man: Huh, what? Oh, right, right. ...Mmm, gum...

    Nelson: Note to self: Hat volume increased by 17%, allowing for secret compartment to store used gum. Do not remove hat under any circumstances.

    Nelson and Woman
    Woman: Welcome to Telltale's northside R&D&R facility, big boy!
    Nelson: That doesn't actually mean anything, does it?
    Woman: You must be Mr Tethers. Here, the solution to this puzzle will show you which room the problem's in.
    Nelson: You.. -oh, never mind, hand me that puzzle.

    Nelson: Well, I'm in Scoggins again alright. Now let's see what I'm supposed to- Oh.

    Nelson: Gah! That was the most revolting thing I've ever had to do! And to think I have to go back here in another month!

    Hidden Person
    HP: Him again. And at Telltale. I wonder if this has to do with all that underwear we sold them.
  • Um... has anybody been given their early link as yet?
  • Winners should check their emails. I've sent them all a quick note/update.
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