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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • I started this thread a while back didn't know it would get this much reception. I have to say that there is a large number of fans that want to see Sam and Max return. Also I would like to add that every game I have bought so far has sucked.

    Still let's keep this thread going to get their attention for a season four.:D
  • I would like to add that I enjoyed reading the season 4 pilots that people wrote on this thread keep up the good work. I especially liked the ninja cat.
  • Offtopic, S&M sounds like something else, despite knowing what it refers to here.
    Queue giant!
    StrongBrush1;381281 said:
    Sam and Max Season 4: Into the Void

    401: Back to the Past
    402:The Island of Dr. Morona
    403: The Day Before Yesterday
    After [episode 402], our heroes head home to discover that the city is completely abandoned. No reasons are in sight. So, naturally, the characters,being curious, search throughout the city for any signs of life. The search turns up three: Bob Bell, Curt 286, and Chippy. From the information they gather, they figure out that while they were away, a massive abduction took place. Our heroes hear that during the abduction, a teleporter was left behind, so Sam and Max try to find the teleporter in the city. The only problem is that it's in pieces.
    404: A Grip on Reality
    405: Apocalypse Then
    Your premise for 403 sounds interesting, and 404 isn't bad (but could be better), but 401 & 402 just sound like something that's been done before. 401 especially since it's really a BttF episode that you're proposing there. Your proposed 405: Sam and Max as humans? No thanks.

    Season Three was my favourite, both in gameplay and storyline. I'd like to be able to control Max some of the time in Season Four (I especially liked seeing through Max's eyes - the weird floating crap and such) though I'm not sure I'd like the toys of power being brought back (what are you going to do about the fact that they gave Max a tumor in Season Three, if he starts using them again?) though for one episode (time traveling elevator again?) it wouldn't be bad, imo.
    The road trip ideas people have posted sound interesting to me. I haven't played S&M Hit the Road yet.
    Mr Nutt;384363 said:
    [...]but since the games Telltale makes now seem to be slowly getting more darker and edgier (not that it's a bad thing)[...]
    I can see that now that you've mentioned it. How about some lighter stuff for Season Four? : D
    lombre;384694 said:
    So I was thinking, and if they decide to do a time-travel thing for Season 4, I would love to be able to go back to 1971 and cause the cancellation of Culture's Clubhouse. It'd be hilarious if Sam & Max were the ones to not only ruin Brady's show, but also secure that the Soda Poppers show continued without competition.
    Sounds good as long as we don't have to see or hear from the Soda Poppers ever again. Better yet if S&M aren't helping the Soda Poppers because they want to (don't realize, necessary for a more important case, whatever.)
    Ashton;385054 said:
    I loved the idea above about using the "forotten hat" as a tutorial.

    Personally I see some events that are coming to a head that most of you seem to have forgotten... it seems Agent Superball is at the point where he can unleash whatever twisted scheme he has been working on. Remember all the odd occurrences when Superball shouldn't have been around, and he never explained them? and isnt it strange that he became president when it should be the VICE president (aka Sam) who takes over when Max is incapacitated? I think superball has some heinous scheme up his sleeve and it will finally be revealed!
    Forgotten hat tutorial: yes, please :P I'd also like to see more of Superball getting in our heroes' way while believing he's doing the right thing. And I found the time travel parts with an alternate Sam being "controlled by another player" hilarious.
    Scnew;391236 said:
    [...]I fully expect (and want) the next season to start with a call from the Commisioner like nothing was ever wrong. References to Season 3, of course, but not a whole new season built around the last one.
    I agree. S&M Season Three was completely separate from Season Two and Two from One (disregarding references such as things in the closet) and I liked it that way.
    Fly;411021 said:
    [...]The only other idea I have is that, since Noir Sam was so popular, he'll show up again... which will probably mean something awful (but temporary) happens to Max.[...]
    I liked it as something different, but I'd personally rather my games stay away from "I AM ANGRY I PUNCH YOU" / revenge most of the time.

    Whatever they do with S&M Season 4, I'm sure I'll be buying it. Also, stop making references to Poker Night. You're going to make me have to check it out. : )
  • just finished sam and max seasons 1 2 and 3. You can thank Tf2 for sparking my intrest and steam's limited time discount where i bought all games for 17.99 . total.

    I'm Now a Sam and max fan!
  • I'm sure lots of others noticed the dog and bunny painting in the hallway of Mama Bosco's lab. It'd be interesting to have that mysteriously show up other places (without any explanation as to its origins or how it got there, and with S & M ignoring it except for maybe a one-time comment.)
    And how about a shirt and/or poster featuring said dog and bunny painting?
  • ELB1985;515022 said:
    just finished sam and max seasons 1 2 and 3. You can thank Tf2 for sparking my intrest and steam's limited time discount where i bought all games for 17.99 . total.

    I'm Now a Sam and max fan!
    Congratulations on joining the bandwagon or however that phrase goes.
  • Jake;504358 said:
    I imagine there are ways to make this whole situation more complicated, but I don't want to think of them.
  • The Highway;364277 said:
    Maybe after Tales Season 2. That is, if Telltale doesn't kill them off, which I'm scared might happen
    Nah,Season 4 will happen,the series is too popular and generally good for that to happen. Plus despite Max dying at the end of Episode 305,an alternate timeline version just filled in his place by taking the mariachi's time traveling elevator,so everything worked out.
  • No matter what though, he WON'T be the original Max... I nearly cried at the ending in 305 :(
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