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Direct 3D error on sam & max season 3

posted by Masterofthesword on - last edited - Viewed by 406 users
Hello ! I have recently bought Sam & Max season 3 during the Telltale anniversary ( Happy Brithday btw ! ) . Anyway i recived this following error : ''Could not initialize Direct3D. Make sure you have current video drivers and close any other applications that might be running'' . Now i have researched the forums for a quick fix and found out i have to update my graphics card which is an ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series and it did nothing :( ! Then i found some older posts saying something about opperationg system but i don't think it's a problem since i have Windows 7 ... My question is what can I do to solve this problem because I really want to finish the whole S&M series and i am stuck because of this error !

Thx for your time and I hope someone can find a way to help me !

P.S I also get a follow up to this error saying "Unfortunately, this error cannot be recovered "
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