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Game-breaking inventory glitch, pc version

posted by Tal on - last edited - Viewed by 378 users
So I get rid of the nerdy kids in the park, one of them drops the red paint, I point with the cursor to pick it up, Hector obeys but after he's done the game freezes. When I re-load the game the kids are dancing their rave, but the paint is gone from my inventory! And because of the shoddy saving system I'm forced to restart all over again. It's frustrating, especially since this is a good game otherwise, and it's a shame that because of this bug I've stopped playing.

Anyone else ran into this nasty?
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  • I wouldn't know, the PC version looks like arse and I haven't played it past the initial puzzle. iPhone/iPad version FTW.
  • Just had the exact same glitch happen to me on the Mac version.

    Fortunately, you can skip most of the dialogue, and getting the paint was one of the first things I did in that part of the game, so it only took me about 5-10 min to get back where I was.
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