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Worth Watching TV Shows

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So, you probably know that it's "off-season" for most (all?) of the currently running shows. That's why I want to hear some good shows, that I might not be aware off.

So far my list would be:
Big Bang Theory
Mad Men
The Office (It's horrible, don't even know why I keep watching it)

I think that's it, if I'm not forgetting anything.

Enlighten me!
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  • You're watching the wrong The Office.

    Should we post about series even if they're, um, cancelled?
  • Well, he's mentioned LOST and the X-Files, so I think it's safe to assume no-longer-airing shows are fine.

    ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Seriously. Watch it, it's about the funniest show network TV has ever aired.

  • I'm going to list the ones that are on Netflix streaming that I really enjoy:

    30 Rock
    Arrested Development
    The Office (Seasons 2-midway through 5)
    Doctor Who
    Mitchell and Webb Look
    Jackie Chan Adventueres
    Better Off Ted

    Not on Netflix Streaming: Profit. This show, I swear. It was so good.
  • Arrested Development
    The Office (UK)
    Extras (Stephen Merchant shows DeNiro some boobies)
    The Sopranos (if you've got a spare 50hours)
    Rome (Just brilliant, shame it ended where it did)

    something thats still running? I'm enjoying Bored to Death and Game of Thrones right now. Oh and can't wait for Boardwalk Empire season 2 later this year
  • Current series I watch:

    30 Rock
    Doctor Who
    Red Dwarf (have to wait until next year to actually watch it but it still counts)
    The Big Bang Theory
    The Mentalist
    The Simpsons
    Top Gear
    Warehouse 13
    White Collar

    Selection of cancelled/finished shows that I like (not all, or I'll be here all night):

    All Star Trek series (DS9 especially)
    All Stargate series
    Battlestar Galactica & Caprica
    Quantum Leap
    Sliders (at least up to season 3, have never seen beyond that)

    That'll do for now.
  • I'll second 30 Rock. One of the funniest shows I've ever seen.

    Other shows I'd recommend include Babylon 5, if you want some seriously good sci-fi (just skip the fifth series) and the entire DC Animated Universe (Batman, Superman, Static Shock, Justice League and Batman Beyond). That should tide you over for a good 3 months.
  • Ah, I forgot to mention Sherlock somehow. That's on Netflix Streaming too. Also, Star Trek is pretty great too, and is coming to Netflix (well, most of it) next month.
  • Dude, there's something like 600 episodes of Star Trek. Let's let the guy keep some semblance of sanity!

    But yeah, Sherlock was awesome. Check it out. Three more episodes coming this year too!
  • Darth Marsden;516447 said:
    Dude, there's something like 600 episodes of Star Trek. Let's let the guy keep some semblance of sanity!

    But yeah, Sherlock was awesome. Check it out. Three more episodes coming this year too!
    Series Two is set for Q1/Q2 2012, sadly. Insert 'MOFFATTT' here.
  • image

    This is the closest a television show has ever gotten to making me cry.

    Moral Orel consists of 43 11-minute episodes, split into three seasons. The first season, and much of the second, consist of very funny, lighthearted jabs at the culture of fundamental Christianity, particularly in the midwest. There are some episodes that get a bit dark, or a bit heartfelt, and they're nice, but the overriding theme is a big parody of Davey and Goliath.

    Then the Season Two finale shows up, and hits you like a fucking train.. The two-dimensional characters crafted for the sake of humor gain a third dimension, and damn is that dimension dark, disturbing, deep, and....sweet. Everyone should watch this. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

    And I hope when you think of me years down the line,
    You can't find one good thing to say,
    And I hope that if I found the strength to walk out,
    You'd stay the hell out of my way!
    I am drowning,
    There is no sign of land,
    You are coming down with me,
    Hand in unlovable hand,
    And I hope you die,
    I hope we both die
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