Poker Night TF2 Items Problems

So I've bought the game from this website, so I downloaded it and noticed it didn't link itself to Steam (and yes part of me bought this game because of the TF2 items). I've beaten the NPCs to get the items (iron curtain, the shutter shades, spy watch and max's items). So, when I exited the game I remembered that the game still wasn't linked to steam. I launched Team Fortress 2 with the slight expectation that I would've acquired the items, but of course they weren't there. :(
So what do I do to obtain them?
Please help and, don't worry I loved the characters and their dialogue.



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    Because of the way Steam works Telltale were never able to get their version of the game to unlock the TF2 items, so they gave a code to people who purchased the game off their site to unlock the Steam version. Just click on the following link to get your code:
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