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Remake Jurassic Park and The Lost World (with Spielberg as Producer)

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Somebody started a campaign that could actually be successful, but we need more people to participate.

We must send letters to Universal (or e-mail the studio) and explain this brilliant idea:

If Universal is afraid to remake the JP movies (because of the Spielberg-fanboys who are so biased towards the original movie) then we have to convince Universal to GET SPIELBERG TO BE THE PRODUCER OF THE REMAKES. It might be the only way to convince the public that this project will be taken seriously.

"In Steve We Trust"

The posters for the remakes could even say: "STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS" above the title, just like other movies he was only the producer of.

If you don't like the term "remake," then just think of it as a "reboot" instead...because our motivation is more about the books than it is about Spielberg's films.
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  • I could go for Pierce Brosnan and Chin Han, but NICHOLAS CAGE?! Why would you ruin a good movie like that? Nicholas Cage's actor type is NOT for this movie. Neither is Charlieze Theran who looks too old. And of all people Bruce Willis? C'mon guys you have to go deeper than JUST appearance...and John F***ing Cusack?! How bad do you want people to make fun of this movie?
  • The two first movies are awesome. The novels are far better. Look what peter Jackson did with king Kong, that was great. My wish, restart the two first movies, following the books, two 2 hours and a half movies and extended edition of more than 3 hours like the lord if the ring. Spielberg as director or at least producer. no need celebrities, just good actors. All the guys and girls who read the novel must have this felling: why they didn't show this scene? Or this one? That would have been awesome. Simple, movie length, technical limit of the 90th, budget. Let correct all this and make two movies Michael crichton and stan winston would be proud of. Of course all this is just my humble opinion ^,^
  • I like the list of actor choices there. (Still against a remake though :P)

    However, I would have the actor from Lost who played Hurly to be Nedry.

    Oh, and Daniel Craig as Robert Muldoon.
  • in my opinion the chick who jplegacy had as ellie sattler is horrible and she could shove it no one and i mean no one replaces laura dern as Ellie no one portrays ellie better than laura dern
  • Sadonicus;516963 said:
    Besides the fact that this will never ever happen: C'Mon. That sounds horrible! John Cusack as Ian Malcolm? How could you replace Jeff Goldblum with John Cusack. And Viggo Mortensen is not nearly as sympathic as Sam Neill. Yeah, waste millions of dollars with high class actors who would never be able to fill the footsteps of the original cast in the fans hearts and waste more millions to make the same movie with better effects and some story changes?

    And why would you ever want to disgrace the memories of the first film with a remake wich would be more than pointless! Just for better CGI? JP was good because it never relied only on them, so why make it bigger and better looking? This movie is not so filled with 90es feeling and is pretty timeless even with its CGI, it doesnt need a remake!

    If you desperetly want to, polish the visuals and sound, add some minor things like in Alien or Blade Runner which are timeless as well and maybe add 3D. That would be acceptable. Bullshit like the Psycho-Remake that noone needed cause it chose the way these guys are suggesting, only leads to epic failure...
    i agree.. a novel based movie...its a bit too late for that the first one rocks too much already
  • Henrique Tomassi made a draft of the Jurassic Park logo as it could have been looked in the novel:

    In the book it has never been described very well, in fact it was only mentioned once and said that it was blue and showed a dinosaur.
  • Yeah, the novel didn't really focus on the logo that much. But the logo was more important for the movie than the novel.

    Okay, I gota know when to fold them. The first film was amazing. The second film was great. The third film was okay. However, the third film took the series into a direction that's hard to continue from.

    First of all, InGen is praticly gone so any story there would be hard to do without making some type of crazy explination as to how they're no longer bankrupt anymore.

    The rival company, Biosyn, is no longer relevant. After all, everyone knows there are dinosaurs on the island so the whole secreat mission of trying to get dino DNA goes out the window.

    In other words, so much time has passed from the first film and the thrid film when so far into left field that its hard to bring it back. So.... okay.... I guess I'm ready for a reboot of the series.

    But hey, Spielberg is all for it too. I was just watching the recent WeeklyWood on IGN and they say the Spielberg is talking with one of the writer from the Thor movie to start working on a reboot. No director is announced so far but we'll just have to see where this all goes from here.

    However, I would like for them to stay as true to the novel as possible. I would like it to feel like the first one did. Nothing outrages, no crazy "King Kong" type action scenes. I want a down to earth, realistic and scary Jurassic park film. Anything else would be a great disapointment.
  • ^^absolutely agree.

    catching the tone from the novel and staying really true to it!

    according the actors: even famous roles were often changed.
    just take james bond as an example.

    and a remake with the SAME actors doesn't make that much sense to me.
    a remake is another adaption of either the source or the original film.
    as other works got adapted very often too (classics like romeo & juliet, hamlet or the fly, funny games, gone in 60 seconds, last man standing) it can be done with jurassic park too.

    but in that case i don't want to see one of the same actors or stuff.
    if staying as close as possible to the novel there has to be toyota land cruisers
    a different looking visitors center and no jurassic park gate.

    but there are raptor nests in caverns

    the t-rex chasing the raft with Grant and the kids in the lagoon

    isla nublars fog

    the helicopter landing path

    the bamboo path to the raptor pen

    the sunrise in the morning

    the jungle river

    & some spots of the tour road
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    Sinaz20 Telltale Alumni
    Here's my issue with this idea...

    What would you rather have?

    A.) A talented, proven director finds a passionate resolve to adapt Jurassic Park novels into "truer" films...


    B.) Pressured by crazed fans, Universal Studios rushes a project and throws the reigns to the lowest bidder?

    I mean, just think what would have happened if LotR was put together by a director who couldn't care less for the smallest budget possible to cash in a hypothetical trend in fantasy films.
  • Honestly, I really wouldn't like to see a remake. Why? Because the original films were great (well the first one...and sorta the second one), had decent special effects, acting, plot, etc... Technologically, there isn't a whole lot that could be added to the films to make them better, so why bother?

    It just isn't worth it, to me to remake a film to add a few extra scenes from the books. Those scenes were cut for a reason, probably because they didn't have very good cinematic quality. Since the original movies were great even though they didn't follow the books, I'm forced to infer that the choices about what content to cut and what to include were relatively good ones.

    So tl;dr: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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