bttf tg episode 4 trophys

i keep running in to this problem every episode i either have 1 or 2 trophies i need to get and i cant think how to get them this time they are

Edna Was Right

An Uncomfortable Truth

What and how do i get them i just feel stupid because i seem to be asking this question every episode thank you in advance for your help to who ever gives me the soloution to get them


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    Ah, no need to feel stupid. These two trophies are more about being thorough than anything else:

    Edna Was Right! - When you're in Emmett's lab for the first time, keep examining the mind maps on his desk. Eventually he'll reveal the percentage of hooligans he discovered from his tests.

    An Uncomfortable Truth - When you try to leave Emmett's lab for the first time, it'll trigger a cutscene and you'll be able to talk to Emmett once more. Tell him he can't marry Edna and when he asks why, tell him he's meant to marry someone else.

    Voila! :)
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