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BTTF Ep. 5 OUTATIME Discussion & BTTF Game Review

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Well ya post stuff. Be all cool and smart and able to think through multiple time spectrum things in order to disprove other peoples theories. Ya...
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  • is it available to download at telltale?
  • It will be on the 23rd, just as it states above on the banner.
  • Well, here in Holland it's the 23rd. Have enjoyed the BTTF game immensely- Thank you Telltale!!! Waiting patiently and had pleasure reading the forums. First (real) post though. Hope the last episode is will be smashing. Wonder how they'll be fixing the part in ep.2 about the flying bike, the double DeLoreans and such. Looking forward to it!
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  • Waiting for the game since morning. The Telltale website was offline for a while so I hoped that the game was released after site came back up, but I guess still have to wait a few moments. :)

    Previous parts always came around 8-9AM EET, but this seems to come later.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    We will not have a SECOND waiting thread today, which also confuses users about whether the game is already out or not (IT'S NOT). This is closed until release.
  • Decided to get going and set up the discussion thread for Episode 5 for when you guys finish playing it. Since I'm holding out on both walkthrough vids on Youtube to start popping up (and eventually, the PSN version in a few weeks), here's some questions of interest that I'd like to have answered:

    1. Who turns out to be the REAL speakeasy arsonist?
    2. Are Trixie and Sylvia (the person Arthur McFly's SUPPOSED to marry) the same person?
    3. What will become of Edna by the end of the game?
    4. Which 2 characters does Michael J. Fox voice in this episode?
    and 5. The big one: HOW WILL IT END?

    Have fun playing, guys, and I'll see you on this thread after you've finished beating it! Good luck!
  • Check back with me when Telltale releases a fix for the gamebreaking bug that happens within the first 10 minutes...
  • Umm am the only person who cant click any thing in the glass house )_)
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