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  • Come on telltale, please a savegame... I don't want to follow again the flying thing and redo again the phone puzzle...
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Attached is a save where the phone booth puzzle has been completed, but the recording not yet given to Officer Parker. You just need to walk over to the glass house from this point, once you are inside the hotspots will appear ok.

    Hope this helps people who might otherwise have to replay a bunch of stuff.
  • DJ Teh Cheat;518258 said:
    I restarted the game without re-installing it, and it seems I can progress normally now.

    Still can't find a save button though.

    I launched the game on Steam, BTW. Not the Steam version, just the Telltale version launched on Steam.
    Hmm. That may be bypassing the DRM's verification process, which will make the game think it's supposed to be in demo mode--hence, no save/load.

    Try launching the game through the desktop shortcut created during installation, or directly from the .exe file in the Program Files/Telltale Games/Back to the Future The Game/Episode 5 folder. That should let you save/load normally.
  • Can someone who has a saved game in which the glass house bug is occurring please send it to me in an e-mail (choffman@telltalegames.com)? The saved game files can be found in this folder: Documents/Telltale Games/Episode 5

    Sorry for the trouble, everyone. We ARE working on this, but we're not able to reproduce the bug on our end... which definitely puts a damper on fixing it. :mad:
  • Same problem. I'll tell you guys if I sort it out.
  • maarnas;518283 said:
    Hehe, I reinstalled and replayed with default options, and finally I got it working. But still I am in the glasshouse with a new bug.
    Suddenly after a [SPOILER]cutscene where Citizen Brown gets Emmett to faint [/SPOILER]., Marty levitated and got stuck between four walls and a handle that doesnt lead anywhere, back to the four walls and the handle.
    I went back through and got it working as well. Different bug with me though. Pulled the handle up top, then tried to pull the next handle that was Hot Spotted for me.. and Marty walked down /through/ a solid floor, I didn't see any [SPOILER]cutscene where Citizen Brown gets Emmett to faint [/SPOILER] before I bumped into a spot that got me back out of the house. So now I'm thinking I missed an important part of the game which might break it. The whole glass house area is riddled with bugs. Restarting. Again.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    TTG - Caleb;518305 said:
    Can someone who has a saved game in which the glass house bug is occurring please send it to me in an e-mail (choffman@telltalegames.com)?
    Hi Caleb, sent you a savegame from inside the glass house where that bug is happening.
  • emailed youu caleb

  • Yep, I have the same problem too on Mac. I'll try the save file. Where are the save files kept on the Steam version? I found the SteamApps folder, but I don't see one anywhere for BttF saves.

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it. It's in the Telltale Folder. Now let's see if this works...
  • Same for m, sadly...
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