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Episode 5 - House of Glass (Bug in Game, Download Patched Version to Fix)

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When Marty enters the house of Glass to find Emmett - after revealing to Officer Parker that she is the arsonist... and seeing Emmett and Citizen Brown inside the House of Glass

Nothing happens after the cutscene where the two Emmetts talk...

I can't get out of the house, i can't interact with anything, I'm trapped... :mad:

I'm supposed to open "The upstairs wall" because "The Downstairs wall" won't open.

But nothing happens, and i click everything, and use everything in my inventory...

What am I supposed to do right after I enter the House of glass?


MOD EDIT: This is a known game-breaking bug, please check in this support thread for the latest updates on a fix.

There is a working savegame at the start of the glass house here, and one at the end of the glass house section here.

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  • I'm having the same problem. D:
  • i also have windows 7 and not have any problem.... but i try now on laptop to test it....

    did you first done with Edna dirt before come to glass house?
  • I'm having the same problem, I can't click on ANYTHING and I got Vista. I can only click on the inventory and such. And I DID finished getting dirt on Edna before doing this...
  • yes we did so.
    where do you think we have to push the wall?
  • on glass wall must have small panel which you must click.... waait i try to get screen when be there in game....
  • Doesn't work for me either. I see the panels, but there are no hotspots. Neither the panel, nor the glass floor, nor an exit. Totally stuck.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Hi guys, this is a (pretty major) bug that's been discovered post-release.

    Seems it happens if you try to go into the glass house BEFORE you talk to the diver about Emmett's whereabouts.

    There's a savegame here that should help you get over the bug if you don't want to replay a chunk of the game.

    It would be great if you could post any further info about the glass house bug in this support thread. Thanks guys, Telltale are working on it right now and will release a patched version when it's sorted.
  • Yeah I did go into the glass house before there was a reason to actually. Marty just said it was empty and came back out again. I started over and this time only went in when prompted to and the bug didnt occur.
  • I talked to the diver first, and I still got hit with the bug.
  • here is right sequence of pushing handle on glass walls:

    push Handle on yellow wall
    enter in opened space and push Handle on blue wall
    exit and push Handle on yellow wall to close wall
    go down with stairs
    push Handle on red wall
    enter in opened space and push Handle on yellow wall
    enter in opened space and push Handle on yellow wall again to close wall
    enter in opened space and push Handle on green wall
    enter right in opened space and push Handle on red wall
    go back and push Handle on light blue wall
    go right in opened space to end of passage and trap door opening....
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