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The Newly Regenerated Doctor Who Thread

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So, Christmas is approaching, and with it a brand new Doctor who episode, and seeing as it's no longer series 5, I thought it would be time for a new, more generalised Doctor who thread!

For those who are new to the series, It features a humanoid Alien (timelord) called the Doctor, who travels in time and space in the TARDIS. He's the last of his race, and when he dies, he regenerates into a new person (up to 13 times). So far he has done so 11 times, with the current, 11th doctor being Matt Smith.

To kick things off, here's a trailer for the new Doctor who ipod/iphone/ipad/android game: The mazes of time!
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  • FitzoliverJ;517475 said:
    Perhaps, but unless he's told Big Finish he's changed his mind and they've comissioned and written something in the week or so since the recording of the recent podcast where they reiterated he wasn't interested, it's not quite so likely that anything's going on with them!
    No, the way they said in the podcast was that during the podcast in May Tom said that. Seeing as this is a potential plan for 2013, it would make sense to try and keep it secret so expectation doesn't get the better of some.
  • So what do you think of the Matt Smith so far?

    I saw a few episodes at the beginning and I thought he did a great job, (certainly had an interesting take on the Doctor).

    I need to catch up you see, and I'm just wondering if its worth my time thats all.
  • Check out what I got in the post today!
    Am I cool now?

    PS: Notice the damaged Cyberman in the background behind 11.
  • Put it this way "Vincent and the doctor" is amongst the best episodes of the show ever, "a christmas carol" is the best christmas special so far, and the silence from "the impossible astronaut/day of the moon" are the best villain since the weeping angels. Oh, and Matt is the only doctor to be nominated for a BAFTA. So yes, keep watching!

    @Mr. Nutt
    Wow, those are indeed awesone. And i've just been struck with an awesome idea involving my 3ds augmented reality, my mii, a doctor and a Tardis...
  • Mr Nutt;517888 said:
    Check out what I got in the post today!
    Am I cool now?

    The first Doctor was a Pikachu!?
  • *edit *
    woops that "was" looks like a "has" zoomed out on the ipod screen. So apologies for copying coolsome.
  • coolsome;517892 said:
    The first Doctor was a Pikachu!?
    Nope.avi, he owns a Pikachu.
  • Mr Nutt;517925 said:
    Nope.avi, he owns a Pikachu.
    This validates my theory that Pokeballs are bigger on the inside.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    ...but you guys probably knew about that already. ;)
  • Heh, apparently Torchwood will be edited down for the BBC Broadcast because some scenes do not match the Beeb's standards. I expect intense Captain Jack sex scenes or intense Product Placement during intense Captain Jack sex scenes. The shoe, as they say, is on the other foot.
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