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Bring back the case files

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Not sure if this is the right place, but the fact is I'm mad at you, Telltale. Really mad. Why? Because of this.

I'm gonna quote Banjo, who said it best:
I have to agree with giant_frying_pan, Eek and several others here.

Until now, I'd been impressed with TellTale and was more than happy to give them my money! I'd bought the whole of season one, and never had a problem downloading, activating and such. As someone who sorely misses the days of physical game box content, I was keen to get the whole season on disc too (I wouldn't have gone the download route without the promise of a "free" disc at the end), however being in Australia meant I wasn't going to order one and pay $10 shipping until I wanted to get more from the store. I knew Surfing the Highway was coming out and planned to get that and the disc, and the soundtrack and case file all at once.

Come Christmas time, I decided STH wasn't coming out soon, but I could live without it (or wait until the end of season two), and would just get the S1 disc, OST and case file... but then of course the S1 disc option vanished from the store!!!

Sooooo... I waited until now, dropped by to find the S1 disc was back and I could get one (still no STH, but like I said, I could deal with that), but NOW there were no CASE FILES!!!

I know it's just a few bits of cardboard, but it's stuff like this that keeps collectors, fans and gamers able to easily argue against all those leeches that say "just pirate it"... whatever else you think of piracy, one thing you'll NEVER get is all the neat manuals, bonus stuff, box and extras.

Frankly, I am very annoyed about this. When I wander into my local game store and see S&M S1 on the shelf, I start to wonder what the advantage was of going the whole 'download and then get a disc' option in the first place, beyond getting it "early", after the hassle of actually GETTING a disc ended up costing me the case file.

Maybe it's just because I feel "limited editions" of games and such are so frequent now, and usually include what I think you should get for paying full price for a game anyway. Or maybe it's because I feel the idea of "limited bonus" stuff like the case file is something us full-season purchasers should have been entitled to buy (heck, a little email about it being taken off the market would have been nice, if nothing else).

I will still buy S&M episodes, but I have to say that aside from getting the season discs, I can't see myself being eager to make any more store purchases, as I am now anticipating STH to be another "limited run" item, that I won't be able to wait for S2 to end before buying.
So, yeah, you let us down. Your loyal, ninja trained and very vindictive fans. A mistake you could have avoided.

Now I suppose you're gonna have to produce more of those lovely case files, if you don't want to get shuriken'ed. C'mon, it can't be that difficult. You could order monkeys to assemble them! Monkeys can do that, right? Right?!
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    how else was i supposed to cover my fridge?
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    tabacco;51876 said:
    That's funny, I must have 200 of the things all over my fridge at home. Weird coincidence.
    you son of a bitch....
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    youre like twins!!!
  • Since this thread is already here. The S&M Soundtrack page still features the case file as a product recommendation.

    I hope the second season brings something else than another case file. Each season should bring their own unique merchandise.
  • mumbojumbo21;51885 said:
    Since this thread is already here. The S&M Soundtrack page still features the case file as a product recommendation.
    Fixed, thanks. The cross sells were supposed to disappear when the product was turned off, but apparently they didn't, and we didn't notice.
  • From what I hear, the trinkets in old computer games ran out of print quickly, too. Isn't that so nostalgiac?
  • Jake;51873 said:
    We did the designs in house and then found different vendors for most of the different manufacturing required. The Moon postcards were printed by a place in San Francisco, the Alien Love Triangle Times was printed by a local independent newspaper press in San Rafael, we found the 3D glasses manufacturer as well as the pin, napkin, and magnet manufacturers online. The "Sam & Max case file" stamp is something I designed based off of one of Steve's illustrations of Max, and we had it manufactured at a shop that made stamps which was conveniently located just blocks from our old office. The envelopes we found from a bulk stationary provider. Once all of the different elements got shipped back to the office, we (mostly Nick) hand-stamped all the envelopes, and then we (mostly Emily) hand-stuffed all the case file evidence into them. It wasn't an easy task. We did them entirely because we wanted to, and thought that you guys would like them. We'd do another one an instant (and hopefully will, for season two), but we're not going to go through the ordeal of a reprint of the exact same case file -- for a collection of useless junk its assembly was really more akin to some crazy boutique collectible. The case files were never designed to make us much money -- it was more for fun / a labor of love than anything -- the $5 we charged for them barely covered the cost of manufacturing and shipping them to you, so it's not as if they are some huge cash cow either. Despite the amount of work involved, it was an awesome thing to make and I hope to do another, but I wouldn't want to repeat it for an exact repeat of the same old thing.
    Wow. That is a lot of work! I completely understand why you guys don't want to release the same thing over and over again. I think some ppl have the misconception that it is an easier thing to do since they think stuff like that are all done by a factory in China or where ever.

    For those who missed out, one can try to check ebay or see if someone has an extra that would sell them at cost
  • With this post I'm surpised no one has put any up on ebay for $100
  • Jake;51875 said:
    There's probably still a box of magnets somewhere, in an unopened box in a dank corner of the office. :(
    you have to see the possitive in that: someone had to stuff 200 envelopes less than what was originally planned..

    ..wouldn't there be the possibility to reorder the individual parts from the different manufacturers and sell sort of loose case files? of course only if there is still demand. okay, someone had to stamp the envelopes, but this could easily be solved by ordering some copies of the stamp and selling them as well. how much would such a thing cost, because i just realised i totally want one?

    anyway, i really appreciate all the work you put into those case files and i don't want to see you take that burden another time...until the end of the year.

    even if there won't be more season 1 case files, think about the's a heck of an idea. maybe have it slightly altered to make it more multi-purposed..
  • A stamp would be awesome.

    Maybe ya'll can stuff the extra magnets in free with orders?
    I got a free keychain when I ordered some stuff from the homestar store.
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