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Ep 5: Find out where HV is.

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When I go to the clay oven I can't move and yet I've already put the mop on the cactus noutside of Edna's house. Help?
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  • this correct actions for passing this:

    - knock to door (you activate tripwire)
    - knock to door again. tell to Edna you be today together
    - knock again and tell Edna you borough some to her and then click to Doc
    - when Edna go out, she put down Hat and put him on STOP sign.
    - tell Doc word Shnookums
    - use recording device (flowers) on Edna
    - when Edna enter in burned DeLorean, use Tripwire
    - use Mop and Hat on cactus
    - put Saloon sign on Outhouse
    - click on Clay Oven and give burning wood to Edna
  • Thanks dxdy but where's the flower pot with the recording device on it. It's not in my inventory and I can't pick up either of the two pots the tripwire is attached to so they musn't be it...
  • you (must) have it from EXPO when recorded Edna confession ;)
  • That's what I thought I needed but I can't see it in my inventory. Maybe it's a bug and I have to start again...?
  • Great thanks heaps for that :D. Not sure why I didn't have it in my saved game...
  • Ah! THANK YOU. God that was frustrating!
  • Guybrush81;519137 said:
    Hmm, seems like I did everything right, but I'm still stuck. I put mop and hat on the cactus and put the saloon sign on the outhouse door. But anytime I try to give the burning stick to Edna or use it with the outhouse, Edna goes nuts. When I talk to the cactus, Edna only tells me (or Danny, didn't really get it) not to speak with him (or me).
    I encountered a bug in this area too. after putting the mop on the cactus and it was time to trigger the 'grandpa' memory, i didn't have the hat in my inventory but i clicked on the cactus again and the hat magically appeared on the cactus but Edna said it doesn't look right.

    at this point i think you're supposed to pick up the hat from the wooden post where Edna leaves it after coming out the house. well it was on the cactus now so when i clicked it from on top the cactus, suddenly the animation played of Marty picking up the hat from the wooden post and placing it on the cactus, which then triggers Edna's memory of her grandpa.

    this is the third bug i've encountered this episode!
  • To clear things up:
    The hat will NOT be there to start with.

    You must talk to Edna (via the tripwire) about things that happened today/in her past until you get to show her something.
    Then you can show her Doc as "Emmet Brown" to get her to come outside.
    Using the flowerpot on her then starts the flashback trance, the trance then has several stages:
    1) The mop head from near the outhouse on the cactus becomes officer parker to move on 1 stage.
    2) Once in the delorean the tripwire simulates a time jump making her get out of the car
    3) At this point grabbing edna's hat (she takes it off when she comes outside) and adding to the cactus becomes her grandfather and moves you on to the tannen story.
    4) Then outhouse sign on the outhouse prompts recalling tannens saloon.
    5) Searching the clay oven to get the burning stick and using it on the outhouse prompts recalling burning the saloon down and the info you need to know.
  • I found the hat on the ground.
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