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can I link the telltale games I just bought to my steam account?

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I've been hoping for a good steam sale for a couple of the telltale seasons I have been wanting. However none has come up for all the ones I have wanted. I came across the 75 percent sale on the last day on the site itself.

So i snagged up what i have been hoping to play or pay for because I played season 1 of sam and max at a friends place awhile back. I have loved and am a huge supporter in the fact telltale has brought back the adventure game market so at the very least I can pay them something for even something I have already played be it on a sale I know :)

This brings me to my main question though. The games I have bought from the site right now. Can i link them to my steam library so i can just download and store them on there without having re-download them from the telltale site?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    No you can not.
    The only thing you can do is add them to your library as non-Steam games.
    You would still have to download them from the Telltale website if you wanted to play on another computer or if you deleted them and wanted to reinstall them later.
  • that kinda bites sadly there was no steam sale but i can understand that. This way steam didn't get a cut of the profits so I guess I can live with that I have so much love for these games it was hard to complain getting all three sam and max seasons and the two monkey island games for 30 bucks on this sale, i just really cant complain at alllllll nope :)
  • Yea, except today you can get the entire TellTale catalog on Steam for $49.99. :-(
  • Lol. Steam sales outdo Telltale sales by a landslide all the time. Just gotta wait. If you prefer Steam, that is. For Telltale's games I prefer to buy from their site, as much as I like Steam.
  • Yeah, well. It's a crapshoot and this time I got crap.

    Anybody want to buy a copy of MI and SM? :-)
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