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Your Personal Nightmare Fuel

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So I was reading the recent Cracked article on scary kids movie moments

(as seen here:

And I thought sharing what sharing our Nightmare Fuel experiences could be quite fun.

Tropes link for refreshing thyselves, (ensure ye tie a rope around thyself before venturing into the eternal void, lest thee gets sucked in!):

I guess I'll start


I'll admit not much scared me as a kid, AW WHO AM I KIDDING! I WAS A GREAT BIG SCAREDY CAT!! (Still am! XD)


Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey:

The Easter Bunny


That thing is freaky man! Its....just.... not... right...

Especially this specific bit where all the bad memories are chasing them.

The Mummy:



Yeah, this was back when CGI was only at its infancy, but it was well done enough to terrify little me at least! XD

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

The boat ride.

Who wasn't afraid of that!

TV series:

Spiderman (the 90s version):

I always avoided the intro and a few select episodes.

Its obvious why:

Silly now, but Venom is more scary than awesome to a young kid.


Soul Edge:


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    Feel the wiggly might of slenderman!
  • Almost anything by Marty and Sid Kroft, H.R Puffenstuff and Sigmund the Sea Monster would give me the willies. Also something probably nobody on here has heard of The Ozelotz, a kids show about puppets based around Australian animals. I don't recall what was so frightening about it but until I was about nine the start of the theme tune would send me running out the room.
  • Is it fair for me to say that I am afraid of this guy?

    His face is just so creepy. And he will not compromise or stop.
  • I remember having some weird dreams when I was younger based on something I watched back then (though I'm not actually 100% sure that it really happened but anyway) which was in an episode of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds and basically involved Dogtanian trying to find his girlfriend (or the girl/dog that he just fell in love with, not sure of the status of the relationship) and then he spots the back of her and runs to her. He then runs around to her front but still sees her back and so he keeps running around but all he sees his her back. Could have been a weird dream sequence I think. Anyway, I think what freaked me out the most about it (if it really happened) was the thought of a normal body but with no face, just a blank space.

    I suck at remembering things clearly.
  • Furbys. Those things are demonic man. Demonic.
  • OH GOD! Why did I come here?! Now I'm all freaked out! Damn it slender man I thought I escaped that. Now I wont sleep. My brother played an old game called It Came from the Desert when I was a small child. Freaked the hell outta me but it doesn't take much... as you read at the start. Now I'm gunna try and avoid this thread before I get freaked out even more XD
  • When I was a kid, I had nightmares for weeks after seeing some TV show where there was some...weird, purple alien toy that for some reason moved around of it's own volition, covering people in chewing gum and kidnapping them. I still don't know what the show was, all I know is it freaked the hell out of me.

    Flash forward to today, where I strongly believe nothing really scary is coming out of movies and shows anymore. "Scary" for me implies staying up at night, most "horror" movies in Hollywood today are just long suspenseful quiet scenes broken by a sudden loud noise. I call them "shockers".
  • image

    This frightened me. O_o

    But looking for that image found me this!

  • I can't bear to even look on youtube for my worst childhood nightmare fuel, but this comes in at a pretty close 2nd:
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