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Thank you Telltale!

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This is my first time playing a telltale game, and I'm excited that it's going to be Back to the Future. Really hope to enjoy it today!

Don't really care if it's not released "on time" because hey, I have my own responsibilities so it's okay if I have to wait a few more hours or so. :)
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  • Very sad now that its the end of the series, but its been a great ride. Well done to the TellTale Team, Bob Gale and all the voice actors involved. You recaptured the feeling I had watching those movies back when I was a kid, Thank You!

    Now, create a storyline as good as that follows on from the crazy as f*** ending in episode 5 and that will be truly impressive! :)
  • flesk;519226 said:
    The thing is pre-ordering from Telltale used to be a safe bet. Now it obviously isn't anymore. What bugs a lot of us is that Telltale wasn't very transparent about what kind of game they were making when the game was open for pre-ordering. Now I don't trust Telltale like I used to, and will of course wait in the future, but I don't see how we were supposed to know beforehand with this title.
    Exactly, it's Telltale's responsibility to give us proper information about the games they're selling. They can't just expect us to blindly pay for a pre-order when they won't even release basic information. That's what pisses me off the most, they way they hyped BTTF up to be such an awesome game.
  • Great game, Telltale. MORE.

    (But after Sam and Max new season pls :D)
  • Thank you telltale, this was a very fun game and very entertaining. The story was great and was at times like watching a fourth movie. I can honestly say it was worth every penny that i spent on the pc and ps3 versions. Can't wait for more and would love to see a retail release for the game for ps3 maybe with some extra content and even an option to watch it as a movie in a theatre mode or something. Either way, Great job guys and keep em coming.
  • Thank you Telltale for a job well done, and thanks to Michael J Fox and of course the entire cast and crew working on it! I greatly enjoyed the twists in the plot, the old McFly coming in every so often MJF really lifted the spirit of the game up quite a few notches.
    My favorite part was getting Edna to remember and the scene where you had to hook up edna's Delorian to Docs. You TTG guys totally put your heart and soul into it!

    Still laughing about the end LOL!

    Keep up the good work!
  • I agree.

    Best episode.
  • Just wanted to let everyone know, especially the team that made this work of art, that what a awesome game that has been created!!! I am a devoted back to the future follower and felt that they developers nailed it right on the head with this one!! What an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sure, it could have been better as some people say. Proper bug checks, areas which look larger and better explorable, some kind of free roam with Delorean etc. But still I don't regret playing this. Thank you.
  • It's nice to see a positive thread to thank the team for a job well done.

    The writing, dialogue and voice acting were all superb, and did the franchise proud IMO.
    I quite liked the visual style although I guess I can see why others would not. The textures could have been a bit higher res in parts (eg in the nice panning shots of the time-worn Delorian at Ednas when Hill Valley ceased to exist) but other than that I was pleased with the look.

    I hope the 'to be continued....' at the end of episode 5 was more than a throwback to the film.
    If the next season was to be similar to the first I would be very happy, although I'd love more numerous and difficult puzzles (thanks for letting us turn the hint system off at least, and I understand it was made easier to be more approachable to non adventure game fans).
  • I truly think that Telltale, their developers, the cast, everybody, deserves a thankyou from the fanbase. I mean , think about it.....this franchise began in 1985...we are almost 30 years removed from that....and it's still strong.

    But other then George Lucas, you don't see alot of these kind of franchises being revived, and certainly not in the right way. Back to the Future the Game was a tremendous ride, a fantastic journey, and ultimately, a really fun experience.

    So, i just think this board needs more positive posts...i get that it wasn't perfect, but honestly i think everyone at Telltale did their best to make everyone happy, and even though thats not really possible, they certainly came as close as you can.

    So kudos to everybody involved, you guys really pulled it off, and i can't say enough good things about the whole experience.

    If there is a season two, i'll be pre-ordering. And if there isn't, then i'll always look at the end of this story...with a smile, and fond memories.

    At least it didn't end with a Time Train:) Thankyou to all involved, we all appreciate it very much. And it's made me want to purchase more Telltale games, not just Jurassic Park, but Sam & Max and the Strongbads as well.
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