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Sam and Max urban vinyl figures and statues being made!!?

posted by doom saber on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users
I was on the front page of (while sharpening my pencil to study for Ochem) and was am quite suprised to see an article that says Sam and Max vinyl figures and statues were being made by Symbiote Studios. There are also concept art of one of the upcomming statues.

For those who are lazy to search for the article on the site above, here is the url of the article:

I never heard of them, but I think it is a swell thing that Steve Purcell's characters are finally in solid form.

I wonder if it is possible that Telltale games can aquire some sort of exclusives (whether it be a repaint or a retooled) statue/figure to sell at the telltale site.
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