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Please, Telltale. Just run a spellcheck.

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Every episode or every game I've bought from you has at least one glaring spelling error, or entire incorrect dialogue line. I didn't say anything until it kept going in Monkey Island, and then I would post the mistakes on the forum for 'quick fixes' - but then, I realized I posted for every episode.

Even now as I play BTTF5, I'm seeing them. What gives?

This isn't a case of "that shouldn't be an exclamation point", this is entire sentences cut from the subtitle dialogue, blatant misspellings ("whay are you doing this? Listen to reson!"), or in most cases, a liberal application of both.

If this message box I'm typing into now can show me where spelling errors are, the same has to be said to whoever you are paying to type in this dialogue. This isn't thirty years ago, when each letter had to be hand-set in assembly. You obviously have some sort of script your writers look at before they put the text in the game -

Why can't you just go over it once before launch?

I love your games, and will continue supporting them - but as a company that is already trying to sell a product based on the unsung quality of the "animated adventure game", don't undermine your own work with shoddiness like this.
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  • heeh! I think the spelling errors are charming, though ~ <3
  • But I like to "SAVER" my game! :D
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I'm not a native English speaker, but I concede that proofreading/editing is what I spend a significant portion of my work day with, both in German as well as in English. So this has naturally irked me for a very, very long time.

    Even in BTTF - which, gameplay failure aside, is the most professional-looking game TTG has ever done - spelling mistakes occur very frequently, the worst kind even, and I don't understand it. It makes the games look very unprofessional.

    And even when the most stupid spelling mistakes are posted by community members right in this forum during a season (yes! for laughs!!), they are not corrected in the DVD version of the game afterwards to my knowledge. So even for generations to come, there will be a line in "They stole Max' brain" where both Judi Dench AND Milla Jovovich are misspelled.

    "A spellcheck", of course, does not solve the problem at all. You actually need one or more human beings to make a concentrated effort consuming time and money. I remember how Alan once posted a blog entry sent from a mobile device. A lot of words seemed OK for the spelling program, but were rather out of context. :D
  • McMasters;521431 said:
    Why can't you just go over it once before launch?
    Tsk spelling error there. You totally meant lunch didn't you?
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