Stuck on 1985, SPOILER!

I'm playing BTTF on the ipad. I'm trying to find out where Doc is, at the beginning of the game, in Edna's house. I get her out of the room by tapping on the radiator & start looking at the newspapers. When it gets to 1985, it stays on 1985. No matter how many times I get Edna to go to the kitchen & look at the stacks, it repeats 1985. How do I get past this? How many times do I have to keep getting Edna out of the room & look at the newspapers?


  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    Try looking for other items in the room. One in particular will forward your progress. You *are* on the right track though.

    Edit: If you want, here is something less vague.
    The item you are looking for is something Edna uses frequently.
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    did you use binoculars?
    after Edna go out to kitchen, check newspapers
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    Blind Sniper & dxdy -- Yes, I've used the binoculars 4 or 5 times & gone through all the comments related to them, but still stuck on 1985.
  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    Okay, maybe the simplest answer is:

    Did you speak to the lady in detail yet?
  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni
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    Remember there's also an in-game hint system that might be able to provide clues more specific to the exact point you're up to.
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