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Remake Jurassic Park and The Lost World (with Spielberg as Producer)

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Somebody started a campaign that could actually be successful, but we need more people to participate.

We must send letters to Universal (or e-mail the studio) and explain this brilliant idea:

If Universal is afraid to remake the JP movies (because of the Spielberg-fanboys who are so biased towards the original movie) then we have to convince Universal to GET SPIELBERG TO BE THE PRODUCER OF THE REMAKES. It might be the only way to convince the public that this project will be taken seriously.

"In Steve We Trust"

The posters for the remakes could even say: "STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS" above the title, just like other movies he was only the producer of.

If you don't like the term "remake," then just think of it as a "reboot" instead...because our motivation is more about the books than it is about Spielberg's films.
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  • Yeah, Daniel Craig as Robert Muldoon is the only one on that list that I'm 100% sure about. He would be great. The rest I'm only 50 to 75 % sure about.

    Aaron Eckhart is a good actor in my opinion. Again, he always seems to play leadership type roles. Someone who can, or at least does his best, to take charge of a situation and try to handle it. Which is why I think he would play a Good Dr. Grant. Especially later on when the park starts to fall into chaos.

    Scarlet Johanson I chose because she's young and yet a great actress. I think that if we were going with the Novels version of Ellie and made her releationship with Grant purely professional she would do well as the newly graduate who looks up to Grant as more of a teacher and a role model. But if we're going with the films version then someone older would be a better choice.

    I still stand by my choice of Depp as Ian Malcolm. I think many would agree that he's an awesome actor. And even though this role is a far cry from his more recent roles I still think the he could pull it off with no problem at all. If I had to choose a second choice.... hmmmm...... Jeff Goldblum? lol Let's see... A bit of a left field choice. But I would be interested to see if Sam Rockwell could tackle the role.

    Michael Caine, was really the first that came to mind. I can't really think of many actors that could replace Richard Attenborough. He was just awesome. But I think Michael Caine would be able to play the Darker John Hammond well. Another actor I thought about but shot down was Anthony Hopkins.

    And I just think that Hurly from Lost as Nedry would just be awesome. I'm sure there are others who could do the role as well but Having Jorge Garcia as Nedry would be a lot of fun expecially if he brought his humor to the character.

    I was also thinking of some kid actors for the roles of Lex and Tim. I keep coming back to the two main characters of Super 8 but that may just be because it was the last movie I watched with kids that actually had good acting skills.

    But I'm glad yall are digging the list I made. I think it's better than the last line up that was posted IMO
  • What we have to keep in mind is:

    Dr. Alan Grant from the novel is about 40-years old and has a full beard.
    Actually he is a fictious character but based on real life Jack Horner.

    Dr. Ellen Sattler is much younger than Grant in her mid 20s.
    Scarlett Johansson would fit her.

    Ian Malcolm is about 35, very thin, tall and balding.

    John Hammond is about 78, rather small and not at all this nice grandpa-like figure as in the movies. He's a tough businessman, quick-tempered and only created the park to gain money. It's a park for children, "at least the rich ones."

    Robert Muldon is quite strong, has steel-blue eyes and a mustache. He tends to drink. Daniel Craig is not a bad joice at all!

    John Arnold isn't described as being black.

    Donald Gennaro (obviously with Italian roots) is rather strong.

    For the cast I think it is NOT necessary to have just the most famous actors of Hollywood. They just should be fitting the description of the novel best.
  • Alstom1995;520356 said:
    Ugh I hate remakes. Especially since nowadays it's all about fucking franchises. Jurassic Park could easily be reshown in theaters and it still wouldn't look dated!

    My idea for hollywood is to actually make some original films with something called acting and story telling. stop remaking films that are already good, and replacing it with annoying obvious computer graphics, lame duck actors and actresses, and constant stunts!
    As for the 3d craze... THE SHARK STILL LOOKS FAKE.
    Yes. I agree to this most definitely. Jurassic Park is already a very fine film that still stands on par, visually, with some of the best movies that are offered today. Hollywood should work on new, interesting projects, rather than reboot a series that doesn't need to be rebooted.

    And about CGI, with very rare exceptions (like Gollum from Lord of the Rings) generally looks much...faker than what was previously done with puppets and limited touch-up CGI as was done in Jurassic Park and my favorite dinosaur documentary, Walking with Dinosaurs. Which is apparently getting a remake as a movie. Probably with CGI. I'll probably see it anyway, but I doubt it will look as realistic as the original. Same would go for Jurassic Park.

    Having said that, I would be open to the prospect of an extension to the existing universe, such as a well thought out sequel or possibly a prequel. Or a spinoff, centered around an untold story, similar to the type of story that Telltale is doing right now, a story parallel to the first movie.
  • Nah I would rather see a JP 4.
  • Actually.. I could see the Jurassic Park Novel being adapted into a TV miniseries, Albeit like in 40 or 50 years from now.
  • The FB-page has 70 fans now. That seems pretty good considering it's been here for less than a month.
  • Hope this happens. Not expecting for it to but we can still dream can't we?
  • Please, please, please do not remake the movies. There is nothing wrong with the original films. Make NEW stories if you have to that are completely unrelated to the original films.

    The absolute last thing we need in film right now is yet more remakes/reboots from films that are not even that old.
  • Binhex;524495 said:
    Please, please, please do not remake the movies. There is nothing wrong with the original films. Make NEW stories if you have to that are completely unrelated to the original films.

    The absolute last thing we need in film right now is yet more remakes/reboots from films that are not even that old.
    Here's the problem. It's been proven twice that the best way to handle a floundering, dying franchise is to reboot it. Batman Begins and JJ Abrams' Star Trek. And in those cases, yes a reboot was necessary. Batman had to overcome the horror that was Batman and Robin. Star Trek was pretty much dead after Star Trek Nemesis' extraordinarily poor performance and the early cancellation of Enterprise.

    Spider-Man? Okay, so Raimi couldn't meet the deadline, so he and the studio disagreed and he left. So now we have a reboot Spider-Man that won't be out until next year I think when the studio could have just pushed it back to let Sam Raimi do the movie he wanted to do that would've made plenty of money. So, did Spidey need a reboot? No.

    Jurassic Park? Yes, the first film didn't hold completely true to the novel. That's fine. Frankly, some of the characters, I didn't like their novel versions, but did like the movie version, ie. John Hammond. The movie still holds up well today. The Lost World and JPIII may not have done as well, but people still watch them. Plus we're getting a new game based around the events of the first movie. So. Does JP need a reboot? IMO, not for a good, long time. Let's see if we can get a good JP4 out the door if we need another JP movie. If it sucks, then we can talk about a reboot.

    Also, I don't think we need a remake of either Short Circuit or Robo Cop.
  • It baffles me that anyone thinks

    1) remaking these films is a good idea or at ALL needed
    2) that any studio would be stupid enough to attempt it

    the first film (and second to an extent) hit somewhat of a perfect storm with public interest, casting, and technology.

    What do you think when someone mentions Star Wars? You think of how much Lucas fucked up the franchise with the garbage prequels. In other words, leave it alone, you're not going to make it better.

    Again, its baffling this is even discussed. Its an asinine idea.
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