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Tracking Trouble (Snow mobile puzzle)

I'm stuck at this puzzle. I already used all of my hints and can't get all the gear pieces and still make to where the gnome is hiding (the ??? point). Any help is appreciated, even direct solutions.


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    This puzzle is incredibly difficult, unless you draw it on a paper. The solution is attached to this post.
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    Oooh, multiple answers. I didn't do it that way, but that's much prettier than my answer.
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    Thanks. I finally finished the game. Sign me up for more Nelson Tethers, Telltale.
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    On this problem i literally put tape on the parts the snowmobile would cover with my tracks :D this one actually had me to think a lot, even with all hints.
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    This puzzle and the crow one, needed you to be able to interact abit more with the puzzle, or would that be considered cheating? I have been using a piece of paper for some puzzles anyway.
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    I solved this on my first try. It was easy. Ok, I had to think enough to be able to lose track of what I was thinking. But still, no hints and no mistakes.
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    Just finished this puzzle myself... was stuck for a little while as I refuse to use any hints and I don't want any errors either.

    Included my sloppy solution here.
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    What is the link for the snowmobile puzzle? I would like to try it.
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    First you buy the game, then you find the puzzle during the story.
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