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videogame PNG cutouts

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hi guys, new member here. I made some pngs (basically layered photoshop files with a transparent background that can easily be used in other graphics documents or on the web) that I wanted to share. I used "fraps" to take screenshots while playing the videogame, then used photoshop to cut marty/the delorean/menu control panel out of their backgrounds. I have only played episode 1 and 2 so far, as I am offline at home and have to bring my huge tower from my pc into work in order to get online and install the episodes. I dont know when the physical disc with all the episodes will get made so I will probably just bring my tower in again soon and install episodes 3-5. so look for more of these in the future! (you need to click the thumbnail for the full size image, then right click and save, you will get the transparent background and not the black background as shown in the thumbnails)

image image image image image
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