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Puzzle Agent 2 Review Thread

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So we finally return to the crazy creepy town of Scoggins for a second helping of nuts!

What did you think of Puzzle Agent 2?
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  • I will tell all when the game actually comes out. :P

    But seriously, I hope the gnomes are still creepy a second time around and the mystery of Scoggins is solved in a satisfactory way.
  • This review is primarily from the iOS version of the game.

    Let me just say that I discovered Puzzle Agent 1 about a week and a half ago. I went on an iPhone gaming shopping spree to say the least, and Puzzle Agent 1 was one of the games I picked up. It was one of the last games that I tried out, but it turned out to be the best experience out of all of my new games. I was thrilled by the story of Puzzle Agent 1, and when I discovered I was just in time for the sequel, it was rather pleasing news. So I put the date on my calendar, and grabbed Puzzle Agent 2 at 10 PM CST last night.

    I realized I'd have to upgrade to iOS 4.2 to play the game, so it took me a while to restore my phone after I bought the game. I chose to start playing the game late last night even though it was well past time for me to go to sleep. Let me just say that the game does not disappoint.

    Of course, there are the issues on iPhone with the "sound skipping" problems. Audio dialogue will skip in and out, but honestly, I was not really bothered at all by it. The story from the first game had me so captivated to try and complete the game as fast as possible that it truly did not matter to me that the game had faults. The only other problem I encountered was the fact that the game's touch controls were sometimes unresponsive, but maybe it's just me. Either way, in a game that operates in the manner that Puzzle Agent does, I don't think it matters.

    If you liked the puzzles from the first game, you will be right at home with this new installment of the game. In fact, I found the puzzles more rewarding, as I was a little more familiar with the way the Puzzle Agent series operated this time around. Instead of randomly guessing what I had to do, this time it felt like I was a little more prepared for what I had to do to advance through a puzzle. Overall, the puzzles do not stray away from the first game's ingenuity.

    The story picks off about 2 months after the first game, I think. Don't quote me on that, but it was late night, and the whispers may have altered my intelligence. Although, I'm pretty sure I heard that right. I challenge you to play this game in halves. This game is a little longer than the first game, and my first playthrough was about 5 to 7 hours in length. The reason I make that challenge is that the story rewards you if you play to a certain point and then shut the game off. Just think about what has happened so far in the game. If you're a mystery fan, that may become natural for you to do such a thing. About halfway through the game, I finally went to bed, and just started to ponder about what I thought was going to happen.

    It turns out every theory I had was wrong, and the ending of the game did not disappoint for me. In a game where the little things are worthy of being paid attention to, I believe the ending wrapped up everything together in a way that would be satisfying to the fans of the game. The dark comedy is still there. The puzzles are clever. Everything is there that makes this game what it is: a well-told story with a great formula of presentation. The bugs are there, but in time, they will hopefully be fixed for those who are waiting. Overall, I loved it, and $4.99 is a perfect price for what I believe to be one of the better games on the iOS.

    Puzzle Agent 1 & 2: 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Im not sure if you know this IsaccDavner but Nelson has been looking for you.
  • Great game I really hope there is a third... the ending really suggested a new local as much as I like Scoggins it would be cool to see Nelson someplace else... as long as the Hidden People are along.
  • I was pretty disappointed by this game, to be honest. It was too short, too easy, and it borrowed too much from the first episode: locations, characters, plot elements. You'll be renting a room in the inn again, quizzing the unhelpful sheriff in the diner again, talking to the brotherhood in the lodge again, et cetera. Even some of the puzzle ideas are similar to the first game.

    There also seemed to be a little less variation in puzzles, and less lateral thinking (à la the textual riddles, or the room key puzzle, from the first game). A few puzzles still suffer from poor explanation (the rock-throwing puzzle) or implementation (the batteries puzzle), although this wasn't a huge problem.

    The first episode seemed to be an experiment, which led me to expect some significant improvements in the second one. I was disappointed to see this was not the case, despite many people offering good constructive criticism after the first game. Maybe I was expecting too much...
  • It took me about ~4 hours to beat, which is about how long the first game took. I felt like they did a better job explaining the puzzles in this game compared to the first one, but that may have contributed to a slightly easier difficulty.

    I would have liked a bit less recycled art content, but it's understandable given it takes place in the same town from the first one. At least they (sort of) resolved what was happening on the town.

    Overall I did enjoy it, though it wasn't earth-shattering or anything. I'll post a more detailed review tomorrow...

    EDIT: Full review:
  • I'm not reading any other posts because I'm still playing it and I don't want to run into spoilers, so this may have been mentioned before. I'm really enjoying the story so far, but the Coin Box-puzzle seemed a bit unfair to me. I know this game is made by Americans and that the game takes place in America, but not all non-Americans know the value of the various American coins just by their size. I suspect you guys couldn't do the same for Euro-coins. It's almost (but not quite) like the Monkey Island 2 monkey wrench-thing. (I was also stumped by the digits in space-puzzle, and after using up all my hints and getting the wrong answer 5 times in a row I decided to just google the numbers. I never would have guessed that in a million years, but at least the solution doesn't require the player to be American to get the right answer).

    Still a great game, just a minor complaint. Really looking forward to playing it more after work! Favorite thing so far: the extra stamps after completing a puzzle. I like the sound those things make. All the other puzzles have been enjoyable for me so far too.
  • For a TT production a surprising experience, the installation process worked and there were no cumbersome glitches this time. +1

    I only played through the first five puzzles so far and the story as expected isn't exciting, i also found the way the characters talk kind of odd, B-Movie overacting, ... but hey i did expect great puzzles and so far they aren't around:

    1) Boring, could have been done way more interesting.
    2) Not well defined, there a many valid alternative solutions. Try and error until you find out which route the designer thought of.
    3) Nice idea but way too easy.
    4) Nice idea again but way too easy again.
    5) I tried to enter a name and *boom* the puzzle ended, no idea what happened.

    I hope that the riddles will get more challenging, otherwise this will be another dissapointing TT production.
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