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Episode 1 -stuck in a certain part of the game - need help

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I'm stuck at the part of the game where you're in the diner, trying to figure out how to get a barrel of "hooch."

The official walkthrough says to tell the guy behind the counter to add ingredients to the soup and then run around to the side where young Emmett Brown is beside the door trying to figure out a way to get a barrel. The walkthrough then says to do this enough times and he's supposed to eventually say "eureka," after which you ask the tender to add ingredients one more time and the story continues from there.

Well I've done this countless times, over and over again, and he never says anything. I can't finish the game because of this problem, does anyone know what possibly could be wrong and how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • i not remember to Emmet say anything but i done this without any problem...

    when you and Emmet enter in Soup kitchen and when you go left (where is telephone) did you see barrels delivery?
    next you try to enter trough door but is blocked. talk with Emmet and tell mu door is blocked
    go to Cue Ball and ask bowl of soup, talk with Cue Ball and tell him to add ingredients (Paprika)
    when Cue Ball add ingredient to soup, use voice recorder on pipe and thats all...
  • You gotta click on the pipe. I remember this was very frustrating for me. Once you hit the pipe after he is adding ingredients, and Emmet has the tables propped up, the barrels will not fall off the table.
  • Thanks for the help, I was finally able to finish the first episode, now on to the second.
  • I'm totally stuck at the same place!

    Doc has rigged the door, and I can make Cue ball spice up the soup. But EVERYTIME I try to click on the pipe Marty just says it's a pipe that seems to go to the basement. He never touches it.

    I've gone in and out of the kitchen constantly for over an hour now. Nothing changes...

    I've talked to Edna about Browns residence and all that...

    What's up with this? :(

    EDIT: And all of a sudden it just worked... stupid!
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