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Puzzle agent 2 PC (steam) not working

posted by welshwuff on - last edited - Viewed by 4K users
Hihi, ok so ive tried so many tricks to try getting this to work, reinstall, updating graphics/sound drivers, registry yada yada... and just... nothing works.

Ok so what happens is the game loads up, i get the first two screens (Telltale and Graham Hannable credits) and... crashes, it says "grickle102.exe" is not responding and just closes. Now i've also tryed Puzzle agent 1 and the same thing happens even though i could play it fine before back when 1 was released, i get "grickle101.exe" is not responding.

Is anyone else having problems with the PC version? im running it on Steam on windows 7 64bit with a GTX 480 Nvidia card.
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  • a quick update.... after more driver tinkering ive gotten PA1 working, but now PA2 only opens windowed (not fullscreen) and crashes on the telltale screen. I havn't a clue what to do anymore.
  • I'm moving this thread to support, so it can receive the attention it needs.
  • win7 64bit, radeon 5550
    same error as above..
    updated video drivers (catalyst 11.6) and the game does not even start (preparing for launch Puzzle agent 2... and then nothing, no error.. nothing :)
    any ideas?
  • run it in windows xp(sp3) compatibilty mode..
    works for me..
    (seems like problems with uac, imo)
  • Having the same problem. I have the game on steam, so I can't run it in compatibility mode.
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    Blitzci Telltale Alumni
    We tried to reproduce the problem on a couple of systems that were similar to welshwuff's, but we didn't see it occur.

    From anyone who's having the problem, can I get a dxdiag?

    [Type dxdiag into the search bar in the Start menu and press Enter. Press the "Save all information" button and save the text file to your computer. Then attach that file to a post in this thread.]

    The dxdiag should give us additional information that may be helpful in testing the problem.
  • Here you go. In 2 parts because of file size restrictions.
  • @ boney, your onboard video driver is almost a year old, try updating it from nvidia.

    And your sound driver is almost 2 years old, update it from RealTek.
  • I am also having this same problem and here is my DxDiag:
  • I'm having the exact same issue, down to the exact point in time it crashes. Always just after the third chime on the title screen.
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