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Ending Discussion (SPOILERS)

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For those who've beaten the game...

What happened to the other missing people? Astronauts get them? Gone crazy by the lunacy ray?

Also, Puzzle Agent 3 in Bermuda? Any get a picture of that postcard so we can see if there is anything weird about it?
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  • Astronauts got them is the right theory according to Jake in the review thread.
  • I don't have a screenshot of the postcard, but before Nelson puts the box on top of it, you can see in the trees, a skeleton wearing a business suit.
  • I'm confused as to why it didn't explain what happened to the astronauts? who they were? who was the astronaut contacting nelson? what happened to the missing people and why where they being taken?
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I've heard this game has two separate endings similar to the Devil's Playhouse. I assume the endings are triggered by either winning or losing the last puzzle where Nelson is running to the lake.
  • I don't think you can actually lose that puzzle, though.
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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I know you can't lose it, but when I was playing I had failed to make three matches in time (playing in free play afterwards gives you unlimited time to make three matches) after five turns and the puzzle stopped and went to the next cutscene. I think it's reasonable to assume that's where the two endings come into play.

    Edit: In free play, winning or losing the puzzle doesn't show you the alternate ending. Winning takes you back to free play, and as I said you have unlimited time so you can't lose after five tries.
  • So, wait, I solved that puzzle in time, whereas my friend didn't, but it seemed like we both got pretty much the same scene. What's the difference in 'em?
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