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Steam Summer Camp.

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I know there's already a thread about this on the BttF board, but I thought a more general one might be helpful.

It's time for the annual Steam Summer Sale. Among many other great deals, you can now get every single Telltale game for $50.

Oh, and BttF is half-off today only. Thought that's worth sharing.
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  • That drawing of Marty and Max on the main page is fantastic.
  • I hope everything in the Summer Shop will be available after the event. I assume everything will be except for the TF2/Portal 2/MNC skins.

    A lot of games seem to have gotten DLC, though.
  • I hope more items get added, but they keep the older ones aswell. I could only get the Killing Floor skins. :/
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 is on sale even more now.

    An old game, but a fantastic one.

    Have it on PS2, was one of the best multiplayer games I ever played!

    Had to get the PC version. It has mods! MODS!

  • I just got the heroes 5 pack even though I already have retail copies of all the games. HELP. These prizes are insane.

    These specials sound interesting. To bad you can only get 4(?)
    I want the "standalone game" the TF2-item, The Winter Voices mission and well. That's about it really.
  • It's time for a brand new episode of:

    Rather Dashing's Steam Sale Picks!

    In this episode, we'll look over things that are on sale through the tenth, as well as the (Kudos to anyone that picked up The Witcher 2 and/or either or both of the Bit.Trip games!)

    Today's Deals!


    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - $2.50 (75% off)
    Store Page

    I've always really liked this game. The morality system is fun, the character creation is top notch, the world definitely feels more like Star Wars than the prequels ever did, and the story is simply wonderfully written. Definitely a must-play for anyone that is even SLIGHTLY a fan of the original Star Wars films. When I had started playing this, I had FORGOTTEN how much I loved the universe due to Lucas's prequels, and was only playing it due to the rave RPG reviews and Bioware's involvement. This game rekindled that love of the franchise, and for that I will be eternally grateful.


    Just Cause 2 - $5.00 (75% off)
    Store Page (demo available)

    As a physics sandbox, this game is a TON of fun. Grapple onto vehicles(from motorbikes all the way up to passenger planes), surf them, take them over, put them into a near-crash and parachute away. Blow shit up. Go anywhere. This game world is MASSIVE and gives you a lot of options for just toying around. This price point is definitely not bad for this kind of fun.

    Non-Daily Deals
    DISCLAIMER: Remember that any general deals may become Daily deals with steeper discounts at a later point, and this is more likely for some games than others. For certain discounted games, it may be best to wait until the end to see if it becomes a deal of the day at some point before finally plunging in and buying it! With that in mind, let's move on to the non-daily picks!


    VVVVVV - $2.50 (50% off)
    Store Page (demo available)

    VVVVVV is one of the best games ever made. Originally sold for $15(a steal even at that price), the game was eventually knocked down to $5. Now, at 50% of even that, there really is no excuse not to pick up this game. The designer takes a very simple concept here: A platformer in which your character can't jump. Instead, he has the ability to flip gravity on its axis, to reverse it. In less capable hands, this could have turned out to be, at the best, a shallow gimmick. But Terry Cavanagh takes this relatively simple gimmick and exploits it for all its worth, giving the player some of the best level design I've seen in a game. The challenges this game offers are definitely hard, but frequent and liberal use of checkpoints mean the game doesn't ever truly get frustrating.


    Time Gentlemen, Please!/Ben There, Dan That! Double Pack - $1.24 (75% off)
    Store Page (demo available)

    Absolutely ridiculous, hilarious, and tons of fun to play through. These games are point and click adventures in a very classic sense, with an extremely distinctive style to them. The humor can easily be seen as quite crude, because it is, and some words could be seen as quite naughty, because they are. The game definitely requires the player to jump into the universe and to think in a preposterous way in order to solve many of the puzzles, but there's always a certain twisted method behind the seemingly unrestrained madness. Definitely pay close attention to everything in your environment and every line of dialog, because the hints clues can often be pretty obscure! All the same, for $1.24, this double-pack(which only contains one game that is actually sold for money normally) is definitely worth it. Anyone interested but not willing to jump in at the $1.24 price point can actually pick up the first game in the pack for free here.


    Greed Corp - $2.50 (75% off)
    Store Page

    Recommending this game is easy. It's a very atmospheric and well thought-out turn-based strategy game. The game is a constant battle between short-term destructive strategies that weaken you over the long term or long-term strategies that may leave you at the mercy of those who would take a more...."opportunistic" route. Play is actually very simple: There are only two units, and one of those doesn't move and isn't(inherently) a combat unit. You have walkers, which can fight other walkers and claim land, and you have harvesters, which mine gold from a spot but destroy the surrounding land, reducing your tactical possibilities. Long-range attacking is available as an upgrade for your walkers, and a very expensive move is to airlift your men to another spot on the map. The game has a very unique style of play that will certainly attract a lot of people, and at this price picking it up is really a no-brainer.


    I'm also personally contemplating Heroes V, SpaceChem, Dungeons, and Total War for my own use. Probably can't afford Total War, though. :'(
  • Rather Dashing;522708 said:
    The challenges this game offers are definitely hard, but frequent and liberal use of checkpoints mean the game doesn't ever truly get frustrating.
    216 deaths on "The Final Challenge". I say that's frustrating.
    still I highly recommend the game.
  • Well, shit, now I have to go find a map in TF2 that's got water and get myself set on fire.
  • GuruGuru214;522822 said:
    Well, shit, now I have to go find a map in TF2 that's got water and get myself set on fire.
    I went on an achievement server. They had water and enough idiots that try to grief others by burning them. Got it in 10 seconds.
  • Braid, Commander Keen, and BitTrip Runner are looking appealing right now! Terraria also looks good, but I may not get it so I can save money for future specials.

    Still, looking forward to Braid. Been meaning to play this one for ages!

    Edit: Ended up getting VVVVVV too, having played the flash demo a while back and being impressed by it =)
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