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Anyone here collect comic books?

posted by doodo! on - last edited - Viewed by 840 users
I'm a collector. I'm not a freak about it. I have more than I can count in a week, but I don't have THAT many.

I just got done reading the Terminator versus Superman story. And I just started Predator versus Superman. I was thinking about buying the rest of the story, but I didn't really think the first part was that good. Anyone read through the entire story?

Anyways, feel free to share other comic books. THANKS!
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  • tredlow;517409 said:
    What are comic books? I collect Graphic Novels.

    Okay, Snob Mode off.

    God, I miss Scud the Disposable Assassin.

    Atomic Robo is pretty good... anyone read that?

  • Pony Bone;517753 said:

    God, I miss Scud the Disposable Assassin.

    Atomic Robo is pretty good... anyone read that?

    D'oh! Atomic Robo! I also have that!

    It's just that all my comics are in another place, and I can only make a list of the stuff I remember.

    I also have Transmetropolitan.
  • tredlow;517794 said:

    I also have Transmetropolitan.
    Ahh another excellent choice! You'd probably enjoy Y:The Last Man also.

    If you enjoy the Thor mythos at all, I highly recommend getting "Loki" by Esad Ribic.
  • On my lap is my first graphic novel, ever! The only Good Dalek!

    I have nothing else to do so I was giving it, to read it while I work towards my recovery.
  • Oh, and ASTRO CITY. Awesome comic.
  • I'm a pretty huge Groo fan, I'm only missing a few from the Marvel series. It's always sure to cheer me up if I'm feeling down, Mark Evanier is hilarious with the fan mail replies in the back.
  • I have a bunch of comic strip books. I've got the full Calvin & Hobbes series, nearly all of Garfield's comic books (stopped around his 40th book though), and a few Peanuts comic books (they're harder to buy since they're not really in any order, and there are so many different compilations of comic strips that are already in other books). As comic books with an actual PLOT, I've read the first two Bone books (actually read them before playing the game, and it was nice to have Telltale's games remind me of the series!), and if manga counts, I've read Sgt Frog Volume One, and own YuYu Hakusho Volume One, and Magic Knight Rayearth Volume 1-3. Would certainly like to continue reading YuYu Hakusho and Bone some time!
  • I used to collect comics but nowadays I buy graphic novels. I'm currently into Thunderbolts by Marvel and Boom Studios excellent Darkwing Duck comic. And I'm still buying the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga which comes out with a mere single volume every 2-3 years.
  • Ah, Calvin and Hobbes. Best newspaper strip ever.
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    The only comic I have is that, but that is a volume containing 6 comics.
    Going to get volume 2 when it comes out.

    Other than that, I am not really in to comics. :)
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