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My car blew up

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Why is it that this happens to me? My car went up in flames today. As I walked away from it, got inside to call off work, I was rushed outside. My car was up in flames, it was so bad that the fire department was struggling to put it. I am going to post pictures of this later. The damage was so serious that the entire engine is gone, it burned to the ground.

The last moments I had in the car, were some of the best moments ever, I was rocking out to my favorite metal song, heavy brutal metal baby, and then she caught into flames. Burned away inside, nothing was left. When I lifted the hood I couldn't believe what I saw. The fire department got it out, saved it before she hit the gas tank and exploded all over the lot, but when the engine blew those brave fire fighters kept on fighting her , and a beast she was.

My Cd with my favorite metal song will go down with her, good bye Light This City The Unwelcome Savior. Good bye.

Good bye, car , I loved you car, I loved you like one of my brothers, we had so many good times together, and those last moments were some of the best thrasher moments of my life. It was an electrical fire...

RIP Grand PRIX, rest in peace.

2001- 2011. You were the best, you will be missed.
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