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TTG Minecraft server

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Hey, Everyone!
If you're into Minecraft, I finally got a server up and running using Hamachi. If you want to join in, please do!

Curent status: OFFLINE!! (potentially for a fairly long time)
I use a Hamachi server so that my firewall doesn't interfere and so I can have an easier time keeping games secure. You MUST have it to play!
Hamachi Server: TelltaleServ
Password: deathfromabove

To get on the Minecraft server,the IP is

We occasionally use the Hamachi server to play other games like Terraria, but there's another thread for that.

Keep your graphics settings low to reduce lag!

There's an odd glitch where you'll spawn at random. Kill yourselfto go to the proper spawn and read the rules.

Right now, we're running a regular map, but we can totally do an adventure map if anyone wants.
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