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[issue-49857] Purchased SAM & MAX Complete Collection but can't claim DVDs

posted by nkahoang on - last edited - Viewed by 669 users
It has been one month already!

This is for issue-49857. I received a issue-received confirmation email but I have not yet received any further details:

I have recently made on order for Sam & Max Complete Collection:
Order #600132831621752 | Placed June 22, 2011

And i want to further claim my Sam & Max: The Devil Playhouse / Season 1 and Season 2 bonus DVDs but the webstore said that I have no episode purchased in my account
I really want to claim those bonus / collector DVD to fill my Sam & Max collection. Please help me with that.

Thank you in advanced
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  • I have the same problem dude, I hope Telltale helps us soon!

    PS: I'm the issue-49795!
  • Please help. This issue has been for a week, and I haven't heard anything back from Telltale support. :(. I love Telltale's puzzles in games, but not this puzzle.
    I know that you are kind of busy during these sale days, but please spend time considering my problems (as I also planned to buy all of other telltale's series and claims their related DVDs).

    Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Allow me to quote myself
    Macfly77;517570 said:
    Here are the instructions to get the discs for those who purchased the bundle.
    Long story short:
    bonnie;314417 said:
    Please send me your S&M bundle order number with your request for your collector discs to [email][/email]
    You probably already did that (seeing as you have ticket numbers), so they'll probably take care of it once they get to your tickets (Amy answers tickets in the order they were received).
  • i got the complete collection and heres how i got the dvds you got to email support.telltale with the email address you got ur telltale linked up to and the order number
  • It has been almost 2 weeks and 10 business days and I haven't yet to see any official reply.

    It is a bit of disappointment. Come on, my fav game company, do something please...
  • :mad:
    Today is 20 of July already, so 2 days more and it has been a month since
    I made a support request. I haven't heard or received any email (with careful checks in spammed,junked mailboxes) / official replies about my issue. And that really makes me angry.

    Why Telltale?
  • nkahoang and nice boat; looks like my responses to your issues got lost between our emaill servers. I've PMed both of you with the responses.
  • I have the exact same problem! Also tried to send a PM to Frostbyte, but to no avail. Help will be apreciated!
  • Hi there Telltale support?!!! Could you please help?! I really would like to end this. My emails were 'issue-50438' and 'issue-50719'. I'm sorry but I'm running out of patience.
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