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Should TTG *EVENTUALLY* make another Monkey Island game

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Every one has different opinions and ways of looking at things. Why should I post any details? :p Express yourself.
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  • Scnew;523018 said:
    Yeah, because Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer have no idea what they're doing when it comes to making a Monkey Island game, right?

    Sure they made Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango... but I guess making Psychonauts and DeathSpank just made them both totally forget what an adventure game is, huh?
    Yes, along with all the garbage other games Tim has worked on.
  • Ribs;523183 said:
    Yes, along with all the garbage other games Tim has worked on.
    No one calls Brütal Legend garbage.
  • DrRocketGenius;523221 said:
    No one calls Brütal Legend garbage.
  • Brütal Legend wasn't the hit it was hoped to be. I even played it once and never touched it again.
  • I really wanted to play Brutal Legend like it was Zelda, and that worked for the first couple sections but then I really couldn't play it that way anymore, so that made me a bit sad. I could never get the hang of strategy games.

    I wouldn't mind if, like 5 years from now, when LucasArts is in the nostalgic portion of their cycle, they throw the Monkey Island license to Double Fine. It would be very interesting to see what they'd do with it. Their recent series of experimental download titles in different genres have all been very interesting, and Stacking in particular has a very healthy adventure spirit (with a much more compelling take on the difficulty barrier issue than what Telltale has come up with). So I think that, with a proper budget and timetable, a DF-developed Monkey Island would be potentially pretty great.
  • I thought the one option would mostly be for Rather Dashing.
  • Davies;522726 said:
    I would certainly be happy with a continuation of Monkey Island games without Ron Gilbert's contribution or with him acting in an advisory role again (ala Tales). However, and I can only speak for myself here, in a perfect world and in an ideal situation, love to see Ron act as the project leader for one final, epic Monkey Island game.
    Well, yeah, in a perfect world, yes. And he did show some interest in making that long-awaited fifth installment, which is supposed to take place between MI4 and TOMI, so that would be great (though I'd prefer it taking place AFTER TOMI, so a more 'final' ending can be made).
    Ribs;523183 said:
    Yes, along with all the garbage other games Tim has worked on.
    Why are they garbage? Sure, they're not perfect, but they were great. What are you looking for in a video game, exactly?
    Ribs;522574 said:
    Yes they should, but they probably won't. There's no reason for Lucasarts not to go to Double Fine now that Ron has joined, sadly, meaning we'll get a dumbed down platformer with new dynamics that's 3.5 hours long and releases only on XBLA and PSN.
    Your statement on a hypothetical MI game by Double Fine being "a dumbed down platformer" is strange, because Tim Schafer, in his whole career, had only ever made ONE platformer; Psychonauts. You're saying as if Double Fine is only capable of making one genre of videogames when, really, each game they release has a different genre than the others. That's the thing about Tim Schafer's games, isn't it? The fact that each game is very different from the last.

    The only thing you said that made sense is the fact that they're only released for XBLA and PSN, but that's not really Double Fine's fault, is it? The publisher for each game will only make PC versions if they're popular enough. You also said that the games are too short, but that's because they were supposed to be short games, and not big, blockbuster games.

    You have to remember that Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer aren't idiots, nor are they heartless, cash-grabbing demons. They're not gonna turn the franchise that they're most famous for into a "dumbed down platformer". You have to realize that if YOU know it's a bad idea, then they definitely already knew that it's bad as well.

    Anyway, I would LOVE a new Telltale MI game. I enjoyed TOMI, and Telltale has shown a lot of improvements in Devil's Playhouse, so I would really love to see them putting that kind of effort on the MI series.
  • Waiting with great hope that it will happen one day.
  • Thanks for the great replies.
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