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  • Silverwolfpet;520455 said:
    I'm quite sure he's taken. :p

    Ah, so it was the AOC. I misunderstood in the beginning.
    The AOC is perfectly ok (in most countries) but, as you said, I don't think it should differ for gay people.

    Well, either way, all of this is a good step towards
    *insert MahGuy Verr* STOP FIGHTING!!

    Hehe. Yeah... actually, let me rephrase that: People all around the world need a "Pocket MahGuy Verr" to remind them the important stuff in life.
    Well, maybe in a few years they'll legalise polygamy. :p
  • tredlow;520321 said:
    I thought the rule was that you're allowed to date anyone who's half your age plus 7 years. Well, dating, not sex. Also, it's more of a norm than a law, I guess.

    Also, I just remembered; the UN also made a gay rights protection thing a few days ago, right? Are these two events related?
    1st part: It's not a law I can tell you that.

    Second part: I dunno anything about that. I just know there are legal gay ages in the US.
  • Elvenmonk;520277 said:
    No there's a difference. Like in Texas (with one of the lowest legal gay ages) it's illegal to be gay before that age. It's 16 in Texas. There's one state that their legal gay age is 21. On average it's 19.

    I only know this because I had to help my brother study for some military test. He had to know each state's legal age for sex and legal gay age. Fun fact, Nevada. Perfectly legal to do it with a 14 year old without parental consent.
    Actually, it's just gay sex, not being gay itself. And also, most states don't have this silly thing.
  • Giant Tope;523101 said:
    Actually, it's just gay sex, not being gay itself. And also, most states don't have this silly thing.
    I thought it was illegal to have sex under that age, whether gay or ungay. That would make more sense.
  • PeoPle get married way to young these days. A divorce usually happens a few years later when you dont spend enough time getting to know your spouse.
  • Elvenmonk;520279 said:
    I mean gay at all. They are, however, not enforced from what I can tell.
    Nor can they be. The last time Texas tried to enforce its anti-sodomy law it led to a Supreme Court overturning of such laws.
  • Ether way their should never be a law to prevent two people who love each other from expressing that. Other states and countries will learn this eventually. Hopefully. Congrats New York for making another step towards that.
  • How about goats or animals generally. Is this allowed in New York as well?
  • Generally non-human animals can't give consent. I thought this was common knowledge.
  • I have seen animals communicating in a non human verbal way rather well. There is a dog and there is some food, it's not this complicate. I wonder if, after all those millions of years, animals still don't communicate with each other.
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