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Coin Box Puzzle

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Hey guys,

Loving PA2 so far, but I have to complain about the coin box puzzle. Without values on the coins, this puzzle is completely incomprehensable to those outside of the states, who don't immediately know the value of the coins. It forces the player to alt tab out, go and find the values, and keep refering back to them - and on top of that, it's a guessing game as to which one to pick, as the images mean little. In some situations this wouldn't be too bad, as it would just be another element to the puzzle. But in PA, I understood that the game gives you all the required information for a puzzle, and it's up to you to work it out from there.
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  • A minor point to make here...while it makes total sense that the coins were American, with the game set in the US, the depiction of them should at least have been the backs of the coins, which includes the value of the coin written out...the penny actually has "One Cent" written on the back, the nickel "Five Cents", the dime "One Dime", the quarter "Quarter Dollar", and the dollar coin has "One Dollar". This wouldn't have removed all the problems, but would have given people unfamiliar with the coins a much easier time in looking up the information about them.
  • Graywing;523611 said:
    It makes perfect sense to have USD in Scoggings. It's not the currency that makes me frown, but the implementation of the puzzle
    Exactly. Having US coins would have been fine if they were easily identifiable to everyone else, and preferably showing the denominations as well.
  • Chuck;523518 said:
    I think it's the more interesting kind of puzzle -- taking real information that you've just learned (instead of arbitrary rules presented to you and immediately forgotten), and then applying them.
    But you remembered me that Myst clone where the game asked me to do an exadecimal to binary math convertion - and I didn't have access to internet at that time.
    It was stressful and painful. I didn't like it a bit.

    BTW, the Coin puzzle - aside the obvious cultural problem - at least is something a little bit difficult! :-)
    Liking the game very much, thank you Chuck! ;)
  • Chuck;523518 said:

    * In fact, when I was an employee, one of the most appealing things about the TTG forums was that they allowed open discussion between developers and fans that you don't get from larger studios. One of the things that quickly ruined that was when posters stopped acting like people united over an interest in games and started behaving like "customers" who were making complaints about a "product." Maybe that's inevitable whenever the size of the audience grows past a certain point, but it's still a shame.
    Don't you think the insider forums would be great for that? I feel that they have a greater potential than now.
    And, aside that, I think that pre-release forum (like the King's quest one) are pretty good and people are united by interests. Things will surely change when the "product" will be sold to "customers". :)
  • My two cents on the coin puzzle:
    (see what i did...?)

    I belive that anyone around my age, spent many good moments playing "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego", and im sure lots of you played it with an encyclopedia near by to look for country facts, and most important, the flags.
    Those people, like me, have no problem in reasearching outside the game for clues, but as long as you are aware that that's the kind of game you are playing, with that kind of logic.

    In puzzle agent, this and maybe the pi puzzle are the only ones that require an outside instruction, every other puzzle can be solved with elements provided inside the game.
    So it was a bit unexpected.
    Not bad, or wrong, or something to make a big fuss like this thread, but it wasn't totally right either, just a minor flaw.
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    Ignatius;524083 said:
    In puzzle agent, this and maybe the pi puzzle are the only ones that require an outside instruction, every other puzzle can be solved with elements provided inside the game.
    That's why we put those 2 in as side puzzles, not necessary to continue the story. We even toyed with the idea of saving them for bonus puzzles after you completed the story, but they felt like the kind of puzzles Korka would have lying around her house. I can sympathize with the argument that you shouldn't have to look things up to solve the puzzles. I personally feel having them as side puzzles added more than it subtracted.
  • HoboStew;524090 said:
    I personally feel having them as side puzzles added more than it subtracted.
    Seconded. :)
    And it's right to have put those 2 puzzles in that location - it suits perfectly. ;)
  • I am one of those gamers, who think looking in the Internet for game solutions is a type of cheating. It's my mindset. I just feel stupid and dirty doing something like that, since it's a surrender of sorts. For me alt-tabing and checking the Web is admitting defeat and I really don't like doing it.
    Just add values on the coin faces, or maybe a "rules" screen that gives you the value of each coin. Otherwise it's just poor puzzle design.
  • Anyone remember the website "Puzzle Donkey"? Almost ALL of their puzzles required you to go search for stuff on the internet and learn something new.

    (I never did manage to complete PD4, and now it's all gone... :( )
  • HoboStew, at the very least the first hint should've told the numeric values of each coin.
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