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Puzzle Agent 2 Review Thread

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So we finally return to the crazy creepy town of Scoggins for a second helping of nuts!

What did you think of Puzzle Agent 2?
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  • They had no better place to take him.
  • I think that was the point. I thought this was the conclusion, so they were doing the reveal.
  • Indeed. I only say it because some people are saying they want to see the Hidden People again. I'm pointing out the futility.
  • Oh yes agreed. I think even Graham Annable said in his interview that the longer you keep the Hidden People around the more they lose their mystery and the more futile it is to try and preserve the sense of fear/dread.

    I also think the story got a little too cliche because it was appended to the previous game rather than being a continuous flow or story, so the writing couldn't be as tight. It's like adding a sequel to a movie there was supposed to be no sequel for. Not that I'm sure this is what happened but it's what it felt like.
  • Cheeseness;523254 said:
    The bit that concerns me is that Puzzle Agent 2 was meant to be a full game. It honestly didn't feel any longer than most of the S&M Season 3 and ToMI episodes.
    Well, it's a full $10 game; the pre-order price was the same as the current regular price of individual ToMI episodes.

    Regarding the ending being confused or seeming rushed, remember that PA1 was a pilot. Graham Annable said around the time of PA1 release that they had the entire Scoggins story already mapped out, presumably for a typical five-episode series. So I suspect the problems stem from having to condense the existing ideas into one episode-length game. The fans wanted a conclusion and they wanted to give us one even if they couldn't support a full series. I have some sympathy that that was a difficult thing to do, story-wise.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    tbm1986;523749 said:
    @Jake: You're a mastermind behind Jurassic Park, aren't you? I seem to have a vague recollection.
    Jurassic Park is Joe Pinney, with Mark Darin and a few other guys.

    I'm mostly working with a few other guys on Walking Dead right now!
  • I was having fun with this game. It was very linear and the puzzles were easy, repetitive and jarring, but at least the story kept me interested. But around the point the agents showed up things went south fast. The story became rushed, muddled and confusing... It lacked a conclusion of any kind, a bunch of plot points were just dropped and forgotten...

    For me, this game looks like a rushed mess, made during the lunch breaks. 4/10
  • Ted E. Bear;524247 said:
    I regret not being able to play a full series.
    Indeed. 'Tis a shame.
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